Your ratings on the story


Everything was pretty good til ep 4... God ep 4 was a dumpster fire.

I honestly liked it quite a bit. Hated how rushed the ending felt though.

Went from "Holy crap Shiva is killing us!" to "Holy crap we can kill Shiva!" to "Let's go to the beginning of time andWERISEUPFROMTHEBOTTOM~" in the span of what felt like a few minutes.

Overall it was interesting... If I had to order it, personally; 1-3, 6, 5, 4. It was also nice how new game modes were introduced in each Episode, ie Buster Quests, Ultimate, etc.

I liked parts of 2 and 5, the rest was awful.

Trashy anime story, but most anime have trash stories.

Oof. Guess I was the only one who enjoyed 4.

I enjoyed all of the story.

If your an anime fan, you will love it for what it is. Even if Episode 4 has some really bad points, it also has its good. If you aren't an anime fan, you likely aren't the target audience, so just skip it if its not your thing. It would be nice if people that aren't fans of anime, would just dip out, because they keep trashing on anyone who is, and keep trying to make this game more to their tastes.

@Patchouli-Chan said in Your ratings on the story:

Oof. Guess I was the only one who enjoyed 4.

It wasn't bad. Though it wasn't great either, it is just that, a simple plot line. Even if one observed the cut out scenes, it just your basic isikai plot with a little twist. I found it entertaining. It could have been longer and offered more development. It has the feel of it being written as a bandwagon jump when a large chunk of other studios and games tried their hands at the genre during it's original release in JP.

My favorite "feedback on why Ep.4 is trash/hot trash/garbage/inappropriate" one was when Ep.4 dropped and a day later, a certain user (haven't seen them since even while lurking, or they just changed their name) made a very interesting claim it had levels of inappropriate content that made Urotsukidoji seem like the original Pokemon series, while trying to justify their claim. This floored me, was a good read until they requested their post deleted and "vanished".

But, everyone has different tastes. One liking one and like an another doesn't disprove or approve of anything, just shows people are different in their own choices. If you fully liked it and enjoyed it, great; don't let others take that from you, they they press or push, ignore, report and move on.

Personally while the execution of the story was rough, I would definitely rate the story depending on where you've seen it and how you've experienced it. For me, it would likely be the following:

  • Episode 5 (it offers a swift retcon to Episodes 1-3 by deleting the Matterboard/Divergence Matrix entirely outside of story references and rebuilds/establishes context for Episode 1 in a reimagined way)
  • Episode 6 (it ties in just about everything from the reworked versions of Episode 5 together)
  • Episode 2 (the original scenes are still viewable in the Event Chronicle on the Japanese end, but I really liked the building of the context you missed in Episode 1)
  • Episode 3 (this is tricky because it's tied so much into Episode 2 and relies on Episode 2)
  • Episode 4 (it's not a very strong episode for sci-fi or the Phantasy Star Online 2 story as it was supposed to be the start of a trilogy that was immediately dropped)
  • Episode 1 (the original Episode 1 was nightmarishly long, full of fluff, and the infamous sort of "so much story happened but we can't tell you" so it's very shotgunny and aimless).

If we extend the story to the side media, I personally preferred the bulk of the Phantasy Star Online 2es story (which canonically takes place during Episodes 1 and 2 as the player's "side job" of sorts) and the sort of foreign world that IDOLA Phantasy Star Saga takes place very far into the game's future. I also felt that while short and disconnected in general, I really liked the world and the nature of Phantasy Star Nova's story (and that literally throughout all of Episode 6 these characters could have had some insight on dealing with the villains due to how the Delta Valiant crew learned to fight without photons).

The actual story can range from being so full of tropes and cliches to sometimes being something you can enjoy and relate to. I particularly liked the scenes with Klaris Klaes II which were unfortunately largely removed in the post-Episode 5 retcon (throughout the Matterboards you would have found card-looking doors that let you time-travel to visit scenes in the past or the future and got to interact with Klaris Klaes II quite a bit that way as you eventually go to see her ultimate fate). Episode 1 was very barren in actual story until the end when Sega realized they needed a "goal" at the end and if you would believe it Quna had very little-to-no involvement in the story because she was added as a Matterboard update (as in she was retroactively added to the story). For those who wanted a clear-cut timeline of what happened and when, the story was a mess because I recall there are at least three instances where the player travels back to the very first day they met the Darkers with Afin to the point where even Afin remembers the day being confusing.

If you look into other side media like the anime series, Phantasy Star Online 2 The Animation takes place between Episodes 3 and 4 and has some nods in the game (you can get Partner Cards for Itsuki, Rina, and SORO where Aika has a minor story role and these characters return for Episodes 5 and 6 for the most part as cameos) and there is a manga story for "Episode 0" which describes the nature of the Council of Six and the fates of what happened to two of the original six members (Wolf and Atossa, who would abruptly appear during Episode 5 without any background). This also goes into putting the protagonist of the manga as being someone who was absent in the rest of the story but propels the bulk of the "actual" story in Episode 1 - which is something that the original Episode 1 never tries to explain and brushes off whenever it comes off until about Episode 2 or 3 (somewhere around there). After the Episode 5-retcon, it is easier to draw these conclusions and formulate them after seeing how Episode 5's semi-retcon/reboot nature pushes through.

While not present in the global version, my favorite part of the overall story is that when you play the game you'll see nods and references as you play along. You might reunite with the Darker Busters as the cast from PSO2es will acknowledge your role as the leader and request your help in battling enemies, you might encounter Itsuki, Rina, and SORO as they meet the legendary Guardian as they're doing their own thing, and you might encounter characters elsewhere that have a "very close" connection to you from other universes if you're familiar with some of the other Phantasy Star games. And personally to me, my favorite part is that Sega can shamelessly splash in encounters from their other lesser-known games as a surprise boss and to my knowledge one encounter still exists that comes from Final Fantasy XIV who isn't afraid to hijack your boss at to invite you to their realm for a challenge. You don't need to have a whole catalog of everything that happened in the game's world - but it's expansive enough that there are small nods and handshakes to the player that remind you that Phantasy Star Online 2 is a series of media in Japan - and unfortunately on the Global end almost all of that is absent both in-game and for English-speakers to be able to get without fan-translations being involved.

I was ok with most of them, 4 was awful, it was the only part of the game where i was doing a combination of cringing and rolling my eyes through the whole story.