when can we download the NGS update/client?

do we just need to run the patcher and it will download NGS?

hopefully they release ngs client early since many will download it at once and if this is the same as the release of PSO2 global, there would be alot of slowdowns and problems [hopefully im wrong in this part]

Players would use Microsoft, Valve and Epic servers to download the client, thus I am more than sure that there would be no issues in terms of download speed due to high players volume. But for ppl with low internet speed inability to pre download the game is a bit... awkward.

There isn't an "NGS client", NGS is a expansion of the PSO2 client, which is itself getting a big engine overhaul alongside NGS, you will be able to switch between games via the block elevator (Or ryuker devices in NGS) like you would if you were going to PvP or Challenge Modes.

The Steam NGS update dropped today and can already be launched, though the servers are down obviously until tomorrow while they update their end. Presumably the other versions will get their auto-updates soon too if they haven't already.