Ship 4 says its farewells to PSO2 in one last group photo! Thanks to all who came!

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This was very tough to organize once we discovered that those of us from the Ship 4 Discord and some guests managed to fill B17 almost entirely past its limit, as even the premium spaces were full. It was amazing to see such an absolutely massive turnout for one last hoorah before NGS launch.

Thanks to Aeternum49 for directing those in B15 and thanks to Ryu for directing those in B17! I personally directed those in B16. Each photo was taken by one of us and then stitched together by myself. It was tough work, but we pulled through 😄

Once again, huge thanks to all who came! Everyone was very patient and understanding and this wouldn't have been possible otherwise. Y'all rock.

There will be a slideshow of pics later for any seeing this who were there and missed that information!

Glad I could help!