Will NGS have a seperate Forum?

Whenever I go to the New Genesis website, whatever I click (ex: support) sends me to the PSO2 website. I'm wondering on whether it will be the same for the forums. Because currently clicking on forums also sends me here.

I feel like it will be better to have everything completely separate for these reasons:

  1. This forum already has a lot of old posts related to PSO2. I don't want both of them to be mixed up for convenience and ease of use.

  2. I feel like the forum is primarily composed of a few people since I see them appear in almost every post. And these existing people already have beef, and feuds, and drama that should just stay in the PSO2 forums and should not carry over. I don't want the NGS forums to be toxic from launch.

  3. The format of the forums is kind of old fashioned. When I first used it, I remember feeling that there was too much on one page, and everything was crowded. I also dont like how old topics can be necroposted and revived again. Whenever I go to the recent tab, most of it is old topics that has been talked to death.

It's two days till launch and there haven't been any changes to the NGS website. I really hope it changes beforehand.

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Hi Carerx,

We're currently evaluating the future of the Forums in regards to NGS. We appreciate your feedback and will talk it over with the team.

Thank you!

@GM-Deynger Thank you too.