Will NGS have a seperate forum?

Whenever I go to the New Genesis website, whatever I click (ex: support) sends me to the PSO2 website. I'm wondering on whether it will be the same for the forums. Because currently clicking on forums also sends me here.

I feel like it will be better to have everything completely separate for these reasons:

  1. This forum already has a lot of old posts related to PSO2. I don't want both of them to be mixed up for convenience and ease of use.

  2. I feel like the forum is primarily composed of a few people since I see them appear in almost every post. And these existing people already have beef, and feuds, and drama that should just stay in the PSO2 forums and should not carry over. I don't want the NGS forums to be toxic from launch.

  3. The format of the forums is kind of old fashioned. When I first used it, I remember feeling that there was too much on one page, and everything was crowded. I also dont like how old topics can be necroposted and revived again. Whenever I go to the recent tab, most of it is old topics that has been talked to death.

It's two days till launch and there haven't been any changes to the NGS website. I really hope it changes beforehand.

NGS does have it's own section on this forum > https://forum.pso2.com/category/77/pso2-ngs

As far as getting a completely new fresh forum not connected to this one at all? I dunno. At the very least NGS needs multiple sections in this forum. Discussing everything related to NGS inside the section above would be a nightmare. Depending on how active the forum becomes with NGS topics could become buried super fast.

As for why this forum has a smaller community it's likely due to the fact that there are already long established communities back from when people started on the JP servers.

@Carerx said in Will NGS have a seperate forum?:

  1. I feel like the forum is primarily composed of a few people since I see them appear in almost every post. And these existing people already have beef, and feuds, and drama that should just stay in the PSO2 forums and should not carry over. I don't want the NGS forums to be toxic from launch.

Even with a new forum this is unlikely to change. People who prefer this forum to other options like Reddit, would likely just migrate to whatever new site Sega creates for NGS.

Drama is unfortunately a part of life here on the internet. A consequence of people being able to say whatever they want with no real consequences. The best thing you can do is avoid contributing to it yourself.

I don't think it needs a exclusive forum but at least a separated section just for NGS and the classes, that way it keeps the content of both games in the same forum.

@Carerx I agree that some of the forum's current structure will be confusing after the launch of NGS and think it'd be great if there was a filter right when you enter that takes you to either NGS threads/sub-forums or all of the current Base PSO2 ones. Alternatively, you could keep the current structure and then have an immediate branch within each sub-forum that takes you to NGS or Base threads (e.g. clicking on the Hunter class section takes you to two links that lead to NGS Hunter topics or Base PSO2 Hunter topics).

I'd suggest posting this over in the forum suggestions section and tagging a couple of GMs (e.g. @GM-Deynger) so they see it. You can find that section here: https://forum.pso2.com/category/60/forum-suggestions

As for the forum's current composition, I have faith that it will grow in NGS. There were many informative topics and happier discussions when new quests, classes, upgrade systems, difficulties, etc. were being released and I'm hopeful that some of those folks will return + new ARKS will join. There just aren't many gameplay-related topics left to talk about right now and the remainder are opinion-based discussions which draw out the more debate-minded folks.

@Rang-Dipkin Thank you for the links. I will post the idea there right away

@Jamesmor I feel like if it was just a section, it would be messy. I like the idea of a dedicated site but I also understand that SEGA wants PSO2 and NGS to be close to attract players to both games


Thank you for the link. I usually just go to Recent, so I didn't know NGS had its own section already. It's so inconspicuous. And yeah I agree that it will be messy as time continues on.

I believe the NGS community will definitely become bigger than the PSO2 community eventually. I have friends who never heard of PSO2 but somehow found out about NGS. That and many people who plan to juts main NGS and leave PSO2. So I really think the forum needs to be separated for these people.

Regarding your last paragraph, its more like whenever I go to a post, it gets derailed by past dramas, and I'm tired of seeing it. A new forum means a new fresh start (and hopefully people forgive and let go of whatever happened in the past) I just hope that a new forum with new players will dilute the toxicity I see

It really doesn't need one honestly.

i will agree, it will need some changes. just throwing in a "PSO2:NGS" Forum into the Community Board, is okay for the time being, with everyone waiting for NGS and wanting to talk about it, but it's not a good solution to keep things seperated like this. What's a better way to keep things in check (and since both games co-exist) and sorted, while not seperated completely, is to require selecting a prefix when creating new topics. I don't think we will need new Boards or Forums just for NGS, but requiring a poster to select a prefix to give a better idea what the topics main subject of discussion is about, would help.

That way you can easily keep talking about Hunter Classes in NGS on the old Board, without throwing off anyone thinking they're looking at a base PSO2 Post.

simply adding [PSO2:NGS], [PSO2] or [General] will go a long way in some situations.


And if Prefixes seem to long, maybe add icons to show what is being talked about.

There are presently two or three websites.

You'd think the third of those would just be for the CBT but it's presently housing a limited version of the New Genesis manual also. It's also got its own news section with a distinct layout (but some of the same trappings as the PSO2 site, such as inability to open announcements in a new tab with middle-click, control-click or the right-click context menu).

It wouldn't surprise me if the main site either gets a visual refresh to fancy it up for New Genesis or simply replaced, potentially with the old site and its announcements moving to a legacy address.

This forum will likely remain as-is, but hopefully reworked to be more appropriate to the state of the game almost a year on from the NGS announcement. There'd be no need for an NGS subforum as NGS will be the core gameplay. Maybe it'd be easiest to rename the present General Discussion to Original PSO2, and the NGS subforum to General Discussion. Alternatively they could rename the NGS subforum to Legacy NGS Preview or something. The bigger question is what to do with the Classes section; probably that would need to be renamed Original PSO2 Classes, and a new PSO2:NGS Classes section created with six subforums for the six NGS classes so far.

@shadonic-0 Thats a pretty Good idea. The prefix required to each post will help distinguish what the poster is talking about.

I think these forums are staying, but an NGS related facelift would be nice.

Silly me, the answer is obvious: "N-General Discussion".

Forum communities has always been just a small part of the actual community that plays the game. NGS is just an extension of PSO2, it's going to be alot of the same people moving in even if it's a completely separate forums. PSO2 is going into maintenance mode, NGS is where most of the updates will be and what people will be talking about.