Will we ever get to actually play through the Story again like in the Prologue?

@Nate-the-Hero I totally agree with you, I created 2 additional characters of different classes and didn't get to replay the portions of the story that I cleared with my first one and that sucks because I wanted the chance to give some different responses where applicable

@TURION-MOONSTAR You can go back and play the entire story again, with the exception of the prologue/tutorial, by going to the Story Quest menu and selecting the drop down at the top which is separated into each Chapter for the Episode you are currently on.

@AndrlCh I tried that but it didn't let me redo episode 1 with my new characters

@TURION-MOONSTAR Just to be sure, you went to Story Quests at the Quest Counter:


Selected Episode 1:


Hit the dropdown that says "Quests not cleared", and there was no option for "All" or any of the Chapters you had completed?:

pso20210416_235208_002.png :

@AndrlCh yes, I tried to switch to episode 1 and it didn't work, just to let you know I am using the American Xbox one version of pso2

@TURION-MOONSTAR My screenshots were also made on the Global version of the game last night. If you are not able to access your previously cleared Story Quests, then you are experiencing a bug. You should try a reinstall of the game or send in a support ticket.

@AndrlCh I figured it out, I hadn't noticed that last one