Will they be adding more Techs in NGS?

I am very curious, and wonder if someone can help answer, I went and read and so far they only said there is 3 technique types, I was wondering if there will be more? and if there is does anyone know if they are gonna be released at a later date or at launch?

Their is definitely more coming, it says so on the roadmap they released. Not sure if we will be getting more at launch or not

They’re prolly starting with base elements, then adding more along the way. ;3

I hope they take their time in adding more techniques and PAs. It's all too easy to add more things for the sake of variety, only to make some older things completely obsolete, or adding things that aren't useful to begin with. Hopefully by taking their time, they can make sure each technique has its own use.

Yep. It's on their road map for winter of this year. New class skills will also come in that same update.

Playing magebis ngs is the most lame I gave in a long time. 2fire/ice/electric is bad. Base game have so much more in each and then there wind dark and light. I really don't get why they cut it this bad. Make mages fell lame.

@Knight-Raime did they say it or we hope that when there more lvlsvthe be skills as well?

@samsaralotus said in Will they be adding more Techs in NGS?:

@Knight-Raime did they say it or we hope that when there more lvlsvthe be skills as well?

It's listed on the roadmap. https://youtu.be/X4CPBbvWEGY?t=3523

@TranquilStar if by type you're referring to element then there should be the same as pso2 because there have always been fire, ice, electric,light,and dark, wind should be there too since it was the new element for pso2

@samsaralotus the reason why it has so little is that it is just getting released, they will add more. read the comments of others they were helpful, also it isn't lame if you are technically the strongest in a boss fight, you are able to put status effects on bosses so forces are really one of the most helpful (also techters)

@TURION-MOONSTAR that's what I meant, I have played pso2 and so has others so I am sure they understood lol

@TURION-MOONSTAR but we don't have light and dark and wind. In the on we do it's by far not as much as in base.

@TranquilStar you got a point for it being the one thing you want to bring to a boss,it just don't fell good to play. Not much you got and the spells them self looks bad.

PSO2 did not have Wind / Dark / Light techs either on release. (Besides Resta & Anti.)

@Vashzaron grants and megid have been a staple since the old pso for GameCube, PlayStation 2,and original Xbox