Was it possible to get 9 mission pass capsules starting with Steam launch?

Felt like I had some unfinished business with PSO2 semi-shutting down 👻 so for the last few days I went back to farming meseta and augments for my Klauz units. The market was only going to dry up with less people playing and the removal of shop tickets.

But I eventually realized I didn't have enough mission pass badges to get all the capsules I needed.

I started playing with Steam launch and had 877 in my inventory. I can remember spending 100 on the stealth camo. So that makes 977. If I exchanged all my mission pass items, even the ones I wanted to keep I would've had an end total of 1048 badges. Which was a little shy of the 1080 I needed.

@Neosiotype I dont think they will do that just for you, but if enough people asked for other alternative ways to get the capsules, so that they can work on their gear, Im sure SEGA would see that as a reasonable request, given their discontinuation of the Mission passes.

Those augments are probably going to be old news. Best I can hope for is a NGS mission pass that offers the same badges.

So now I have an 8-slot Klauz set I farmed/bought and I don't know what to do with it. Thankfully I didn't go in the deep farming Veteran's Resolve from Risk Realm. I planned to do that into NGS launch.

NGS mission pass isn't going to be until Fall I believe. Plus all PSO2 items can't be augmented, sold, traded or adjusted in any way in NGS. Anything earned in NGS can't be transferred to PSO2 as well.

@Neosiotype you could manually apply S affixes to it that boost what your weaknesses are, like say crit damage, and then use augment transfer passes to move pre-affixed units to whatever slots are left, by buying from the shop. That's ultimately what I chose to do. I won't have the best gear, but I also won't be a weak link in say Twisted with hatred.

I was thinking about how to change the formula and realized I got it wrong thinking I had to purchase everything.

I'll only need to purchase 6 capsules (3 Mana Reverie and 3 Aether Factor) because the soul is Guardian Soul.