no summoner in new genesis

well it looks like I wont be transferring my char to ngs on launch as summoners aren't available on launch of ngs

only a few classes are going to be live for ngs

You know than you start from 0 on NG right ? You just transfer your emotes, fashion, etc on NG, you don't keep your mesetas or your level. Everybody start from lvl 1.

summoner was confirmed to show up in 2022 summer so you can always just level one of the other classes till your class returns

Summoner will be after the first major update in winter, some time in 2022:

alt text

We will be getting the new Gunblade class after summoner.

Hmm. Hopefully summoner gets a play style update in NGS.

Yea, this is a huge Debbie Downer for wanting to play the newer and scion classes, as there is only the base 6 classes available in NGS at launch. I'm wanting to start Luster soon, I already have a Phantom, Hero classes I'm quite attached to and I've really been recently enjoying my Bouncer/Fighter build for my "martial artist" here recently, so this is a huge non-starter for NGS for me... Let alone the fact Sega is showing it won't be caught up with classes and other possible content PSO2 already enjoys until 2022?

Welp, enjoy your NGS "beta" folks, see you in 2022 I guess.

You guys will end up playing before those classes are added. Just normal forum "I won't play, but secretly do" crowd.

the "basic" classes in ngs are played like "scion" classes anyway...depending on how you skill/use your the end the options seem to be very limited but alone from the techter build choices ive seen in cbt...i can tell theres alot of options to go for and builds to experiment with

ya summoner wont be available at launch but i rather not play summoner in 2021 than not being able to play the game at all....they said theyll work on new (reworked) classes and stuff in the latest video we just need to give them time...if youre a fan of pso youll know that you wont have10 years old content/choice of classes on release but youll still play anyway and get the most fun out of it

I will just play Force until Summoner drops, im happy that Su will come to NGS, 2022... better than nothing xD

I will play hunter until then swinging around a body pillow and still being a tank.

@Rida said in no summoner in new genesis:

I will just play Force until Summoner drops, im happy that Su will come to NGS, 2022... better than nothing xD

they will (most probably) rework the summoner in ngs guess that pets are unable to be targeted as in not having a life bar etc and just work like "normal PAs" aka you use a pet skill and your pet shows for a second and does an animation to the target while you take the full aggro of the enemy - might be unwanted by many summoner lovers but also works against the clumsy gameplay some pets have and adapt to ngs mechanics

so getting used to the new controls gonna be a good thing (if they choose to go this way)

@JuggernautGTX I was thinking something like that, maybe use diferent pets PAs on the same bar, without the need to switch the pet, that one would be interesting. Also 100% agree on the target thing.

This feels like PSU all over again.

@Rida might be cool to have a different pet for each set of skills even....being able to summon a "popple vortex" and directly combo with a "jinga shock" to give an example...or using a "guard skill" asap wich makes marron show up and protect you - wich can lead into a direct counter where you throw marron at the enemy for big dmg if you time it correctly - all on the same weapon...and maybe different skill paths to choose from wich make several PAs stronger or unlock new ones depending on wich path you choose - just using the old pets as example ofc id love to see the new ones in such a system - as said many pso2 summoner lovers might hate it to get their pets converted into "simple PAs" but...i kinda like the idea if its done well by the developer

Like others mentioned already, Summoner is planned for NGS at later date (no sooner than Spring 2022) so you may focus on trying different classes while preparing for release of your desired one.

Have a look at another roadmap pic from prologue stream with more details about Harmonizer and PSO2 pets, adding a bit more info to what @coldreactive provided.

NGS Roadmap 2

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