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@Zeke Seems like only PS4 JP has a standalone option at the moment, even the PC JP version is having both PSO2 and NGS together, with options to download everything at once in the launcher or download the PSO2 data while playing NGS (no option for NGS standalone at the moment).

Do you think it's because they got the graphics engine update for pso2 already, as opposed to us getting it on top of new genesis?

We have to get the engine update for the characters to work in NGS. That is one of the reasons for the NGS graphics update in pso2. At least that's what they've been saying.

Another reason PSO2 needs the graphics engine update is to be able to switch between both games with just a loading screen, if PSO2 and NGS had different engines, most likely it would only be possible to switch between them by completely closing one and opening the other.

I have a 4 TB external (that I bought a few years ago, best investment I ever made, storage wise) and a 500 GB internal, which PS02 is the only game downloaded to it. So I'm personally all set. I've had individual games at over 100 GB in my storage before, so this isn't as bad as some games I've had to download.

1845 CDT Xbox download 79G download as an update.

So i have it installed. Launched it to make sure it didn't run into any issues downloading, and my god its nice. That weird hiccup I was running into at just the games startup screen is gone. Still won't know how overall gameplay is effected with the new setup, but I'm all set for when the service goes live. I'll have to be asleep when it does though, because I'm not going to be able to stay awake that long.

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Does anyone know if there will be new ships for new players joining due to NGS or hasn't it been stated yet?

There are two new ships listed. At least I can't remember seing them the last time I logged in 20210609030116_1.jpg

@Zymran They had names but were always locked in a maintenance state.

@Anarchy-Marine Ahh thanks! Never realized them being there 😐