Cant access my old pso2 account

I have an account on pso2 that i used to play on an old pc thats broken now, when i access my same account on a new pc to my surprise theres nothing there and a new ID is created. Have i lost everything?

when you access the game for the first time in a new machine or when you remove the local files it will do the same process of being a new account, after you access the servers is when the game will create the local files and recognize the account, so no you didn't lose anything if you are accessing with the same account.

@Jamesmor that right? i used the only account i have for pso2 and still nothing on the new machine. I told this to support and they said they couldnt help me since i dont have access to my old PC.

@VermilionSmile it is, I needed to format my pc before and is when I noticed that, so just go ahead and access the game.