What race will you be choosing?

Newman for me always been a tech too so im going to stick with my main guns😊

Deuman, without the horn haha. I like the look and certainly love the reference to demon/human or dark elves. Deuman Br/Ph for the win.

All the races are humans. Some are humans with long ears (newman) some are humans with horns (Deuman) some are humans who are mostly robot (CAST) My favorite will always be the human flavor humans, but I have room for most of the races for my characters.

1st race I've chosed: CAst 2nd race I may try out and will have as an alt down the road: DEuman

Sorry but I'm choosing human.

When I first started playing PSO/GC; I played a Ramarl. And since then in every Phantasy Star game, I chose a dark skinned human female with snow-white hair as my waifu.

I would say Beast but I will just go with Cast and I played phantasy star universe 1 & 2 / Phantasy Star Portable 1 except for Phantasy Star Portable 2

I went with a male CAST and based it off my alternate persona