Let us exchange SG Recycle Badges for a SG Scratch Ticket, even if it's a 20:1 rate....

I have been playing Global since its Steam launch and I've rolled on basically every SG banner. As a result, I have a silly amount of SG badges sitting around, even after exchanging a ton for music discs to fill up my Alliance HQ's selection of music and getting some Personal Quarters stuff.

I'm sure there are many like me with a surplus of badges and basically nothing to spend them on. Basically everything in the SG Recycle Shop right now doesn't transfer over to NGS. Can we at least get an option to exchange badges for a ticket? Even a 20:1 rate would be acceptable, considering there's no option at all anyhow.

I have been chasing Stratos Pose and the Falz Warp emote specifically for ages now and have spent a couple thousand SG to try and get them. It would be nice to finally be able to get these.

Never understood why Global always added the ticket as a bonus, as JP has the exact system you speak of (always has) & in terms of SG Rewind though Collection is 25:1 while Support costs 20:1.

and before the rewind collection the ratio was 40:1

@UniMaximal I'm sorry you haven't gotten the stuff you wanted. The RNG can be harsh when you want something specific. I know, I saved up 1k SG a couple months back, and spent in one shot trying to get a basewear. It never dropped. I lucked into some of the other items I wanted though.

@HarmlessSyan Still better than 0:0

Reminder that the people who play this game still want something to do with their excess SG Recycle Badges, same as the Japanese players can.

We still want this! 🙂

There’s a recycle shop in the plaza. Past that, the game is abandoned. They’re not adding new features in. 😕