"A Void Persona, The Masked Incarnates" sub-story quest doesn't unlock for me.

I finally got around to the story of this game and am now at the end of episode 5. The sub story "A Void Persona, The Masked Incarnates" appeared and was locked so naturally I went to complete the "The Malevolent Void" trigger quest in order to unlock it, but that didnt seem to work as the mission is still locked. And I can't do the urgent quest because it's no longer in the quest rotation.

Anyone know how I can unlock it?

Try talking with Afin. This might fix the problem.

If not, Makapo's blog suggests a more detailed procedure to unlock this story quest.

  1. Clear an EP5 substory quest "The Goddess of Annihilation Bears Witness".
  2. With the same character who did the above, clear the urgent quest "The Malevolent Void".
  3. With the same character, talk with Afin.
  4. Then go to the Bridge with the same character and check out the story quests.

Hope this can fix the problem.

I followed the steps but it didnt work, which might be because I cant do the urgent version of the malevolent void and only the trigger version because as far as I know, the urgent quest no longer appears. Thanks for the help anyways

That's a shame. JFI, The Malevolent Void UQ can still happen randomly. I saw one in May. But as NGS is coming, it will be quite a hard task to see one.

Really? Surprisingly the entire time I've been playing I've never once saw a Malevolent Void UQ. I guess I'm just really unlucky.

Yes, I saw one. And also, if we think about after the launch of NGS, they announced that all UQs of original PSO2 will be non-scheduled random ones.


So this is just my personal guess, but I think the chance that this "post-NGS random UQ list" including the Malevolent Void is quite high. Perhaps there will be a chance to see the Malevolent Void even after NGS has started. Although checking the random UQs in the original while playing NGS might be a daunting task...