Stuck at the log in screen

So I tried get on today and at the screen where it says press the enter key its just stuck. Its not a problem with being able to interact with the game completely, because when I close the tab the screen asking if I want to log out appears and I can interact with it normally. I've tried using mouse, keyboard and controller and none of them work. I'm playing through the tweaker if that makes a difference in any way.

ok then here comes the important question, are you accessing the game via which method Microsoft Store, Steam or Epic Game Store?

Technically its the Microsoft version, but as I said before I'm doing it with the pso2 tweaker.

@ChickenDaddy12 try logging in without using tweaker and see what happens, if you are able to play then the tweaker is faulty but if the same thing happens you may have a sloppy copy

@TURION-MOONSTAR the tweaker as nothing to do with it the issue is related to a different app that is required for Microsoft games.

@ChickenDaddy12 the one that is giving you that issue is Xbox Identity Provider, people had issues like that when PSO2 service started so there are few posts in the forums over it, I gonna post one here but you can search for others to see if it solves your problem

I tried running without the tweaker an the problem persists. I also did a file check in the tweaker and nothing came up.