Differences between NGS Global and JP

@Pariah-Chan At the very least it should drop different augments, Nex Aelio should drop Nex Soul, for example.

@Pariah-Chan Not quite comparable to Pokemon since, aside from Nex Aelio on Global, there's a Veteran version of every single boss (besides Pettas Vera and Nex Vera).

Veteran Varas already appears at the Altolani Plateau in both Global and JP, so our Vanai Isle Varas is a dupe--and the only instance of a Veteran Boss appearing in two places.

Honestly, due to the unique situation of Veteran Varas, I'm willing to assume it was unintentional. Possibly a holdover from a older build, since we know that Veteran spawn positions got changed since Beta 2 (for example, Veteran Nogleth used to spawn at Altolani instead of Varas #1. Now, he spawns along the shore of South Aelio).

@Fiona-Respha can we post everything here? Keeps the tally going. ;3

Interesting one...



For some reason, on JP they are receiving apology rewards for this ahead of the reward distribution date of 7/7. Whats the reason for these appology items? We arent even in July yet 😮

EDIT: This isn't actually an appology. JP is just getting the rewards for the Road to NGS campaign a week in advance.

The welcome back emote rewards are also different from ours. JP: unknown_2021.06.30-07.31.png

Global: unknown_2021.06.30-07.31_1.png

Ooo, that’s prolly due to the different security steps they take in JP. :3

Different security steps which already give them 200 extra cross-character storage space.

Seriously, why can't we at least get OTP? It's not PSO2es or IDOLA, we don't need a complete mobile game to be translated for it. It's a security measure.

@Pariah-Chan I posted the other thread just because it was some unexpected result and was interesting to me. Usually, I'm not that worried about the difference 😃

This post isn’t about the worries of the differences, it’s to catalog all of them! ;3

Heard JP is getting an exclusive collab too, is this true? 😮

@Pariah-Chan The Zutomayo thing? Or something different?

@Pariah-Chan said in Differences between NGS Global and JP:

This post isn’t about the worries of the differences, it’s to catalog all of them! ;3

Come to think of it should the OP keep a single list that gets updated as the topic progresses?

@Pariah-Chan On the "NGS HEADLINE" broadcast the Global version was cut short by a few minutes where the Japanese version has an extra segment for more campaigns. At 26:04 in the broadcast you can see the ZUTOMAYO x PSO2: NGS collaboration.

Otherwise you can go back and see the start of the segment (NGS: SATELLITE information) at 23:11.

Specifically, these are the AC purchase campaigns, WebMoney campaigns, BitCash campaigns, and the "NGS Starter Package" bonuses. The starter package is a physical version of the game that comes with physical goodies. I don't believe there will be anything stopping global players from buying the physical edition (you could have done something similar for Episode 6 and so on) but if it comes with digital codes for items in-game they are completely unusable on the global side of things.

Kinda curious on the bonuses, any way to know wat they were? 😮

And as for your inquiry @Miraglyth , I definitely need to, but I got preoccupied to easily. XD

While haven't heard anything on the global side, though it is possible(?) that global may get physical goods.

The Phantasy Star Online 2 Fashion Catalog 2019-2021 is being released for JP and has in game item codes with it.

  • 747「しゃがむ3」(指モーション対応ロビーアクション)
  • トイカメラ(アクセサリー)
  • St「ルピカ:カメラポーズ」(スタンプ)
  • N-カラーチェンジパス
  • エステ無料パス

Squat 3 lobby action - with finger motion support, a toy camera accessory, Rupika camera pose stamp, N color change pass, salon pass.

Do they work for NA tho? 😮