Differences between NGS Global and JP

The Oracle Renew scratches will most likely hit Global at some point in NGS since PSO2 prices are too inflated to be selling them in there and people have complained about the problem so this is quite likely a measure SEGA has taken to stop such a thing from causing issues. Lastly it makes more sense since in the CBT some of those cosmetics were already programmed to work in the NGS scratch system for example 2 Pose which is Oracle Renew Collection 2 if I remember right.


http://pso2.jp/players/event/kyoutou2014/webpanel/ This is an example of a Web link event, in this event Bingos on the Bingo card counted for points & everyone working together unlocked rewards.

http://pso2.jp/players/event/4th_aor/webevent/ in this event the points were based on defeating Bosses in 3 specific Quests.

Point System below was used in ARKS Battle Chronicle Web Event, this shows numbers given by defeating on bosses on what difficulty. http://www.bumped.org/psublog/arks-battle-chronicle-web-panel-rewards/

  • Normal = 1 Point
  • Hard = 2 Points
  • Very Hard = 3 Points
  • Super Hard = 4 Points
  • Extra Hard = 7 Points

Additionally some Web Events used Badges earned via Quest as the points system. Here's an example of such: https://www.bumped.org/psublog/arks-eternal-link-web-panel-rewards/

And there were Web Events that points were gained on specific quests cleared & some varied by difficulty. https://pso2.jp/players/event/autumn2020/webevent/

Oof, stuff gets buried here fast! Had to dig to find this topic again! I’ll be keeping track of all the changes over time starting the 9th, wonder how different everything will be! :3

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Oof, stuff gets buried here fast! Had to dig to find this topic again! I’ll be keeping track of all the changes over time starting the 9th, wonder how different everything will be! :3

Ideally, not at all, but ESTsoft wouldn't relay that to the devs now would they

Not really worried about them relaying info, just seeing how far each version progresses. ;3

@Pariah-Chan What I meant is, so long as we keep the min height restrictions, both games should theoretically have the same content aside for that one point. Which is where relaying feedback comes in. As far as I can tell it's ESTsoft that refuses to let the devs know that the height change isn't what we want

Height restrictions is only the tip of the iceberg tho, digging thru multiple boxes in the Rewind FUN Beauty scratch showed we had missed a TON of fun stuff, and that a majority of it was crammed into 1 scratch. Still plenty missing from that permanent scratch.

@Pariah-Chan As far as NGS goes, base PSO2 items don't exactly count. What matters more is that we get all the same NGS items between both versions.ww

Well with us not getting the 5 Oracle Renew scratches that JP got, there’s already a firm wedge between NGS versions now. :3

@Pariah-Chan I'm fairly confident those will come as extra scratches during the early days of NGS, because, seeing how the market devolved on the JP servers, that would be a smart move. It would also be more in line with the idea that NGS items should only be traded with N-Meseta

Exactly, just hoping that’s the plan. Cuz from all the news, they don’t expect us to ever log back into base pso2 for stuff anymore. XD

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I think the topic was asking for New Genesis differences?

Ah, whoops, missed that. My bad.

EDIT: Aside from holdovers from PSO2 classic, such as the height limitation and missing scratches--we don't really know about any explicit differences between Global and JP (aside from the general "some collabs will be JP-only, and some will be Global-only").

It also seems likely that the Oracle Collection scratch items on JP will be a part of Global's NGS economy instead of PSO2 classic's. However, we still don't know when or how Global will receive them.

Yeah, not much we can tell about how NGS will be censored from teaser footage at the moment.

But with regards to Story 4's removal of the communal bath house scene, I remembered that Blade and Soul did a similar censorship to a "peeping" scene where clothes were added onto the NPC for "localization."

(Even though the original camera angle probably didn't show any actual mammary glands.)

Dragon Raja did the same thing from what I can tell from the bath scenes, unless clothed hot springs baths are the norm for China's video game content.

So the censorship in base PSO2 really appears to stem from SEGA's Twitter pre-damage control of the UK and Australia's increasing paranoia about how anime characters are drawn and presented.

(What with the ecchi-esque crude humor which is ironically protected under a Mature rating in America.)

Oh! Forgot about upcoming collabs! 😮

Hopefully Microsoft is getting international licensing for Sega this time around. XD

They sort of hinted at some licensed content not being available to Global in the future.

Older licensed stuff I understand, but future licenses shouldn’t be affected hopefully