Differences between NGS Global and JP

One thing that remains consistent is that even JP doesn't like the Hero/NGS Director.

There's absolutely certain aspects that the Director never touched base on for content that was super hyped.

For one, Hero had to be significantly nerfed post launch. And for two, NGS has not enough content post release.

@MasterDarkwingz Correction, the other classes had to be significantly buffed after Hero released.

@MasterDarkwingz I would argue the Japanese version's ARK Investigative Report would say otherwise for the Hero's popularity.

A lot of people were not happy about how the Hero eclipsed everyone and how they were built with fundamental changes in mind that other classes should have had and were not fond of the Episode 5 director due to how Episode 5 rolled out (everything being reliant on the Hero and Buster Quests).