So ... what's going on with the Oracle Renew Collection for Global players?

Hey, not trying to jump on the "no content!" wagon because that's very subjective (The first leg of the story/ lore and having urgent quest is as well as 6 classes to level and/ or get gud with is fine by me, I don't need the whole map released day 1 or a 100 hard 4-1 men bosses or w/e) but something become apparent to me recently.

I was thinking about my human alt recently and noticed that, if the preview video for June tickets are to be accepted as fully accurate, then ... by the end of June us Global players will only have access to 8 NGS non-Cast outfits for their preferred body type (2 of which being SG RNG items that you can't buy off other players).

The problem is that since March JP players has been getting Oracle Renew Collection ACs to prep for NGS. They have a FAIR number of remastered outfits and NGS face make-up/ Body paints and NGS quality hair/ accessories. These are things that have been made and are in the game right now, yet we global players never got them because we were still playing catch up and never got the engine update.

Now we're days away from NGS (a game that a completely new player can download by its self) and unless there's more to the first AC ticket than they showed we will have VERY few options for NGS glam for the first month.

I get the type of cash system they're running, so I'm not even hoping for it to be free in the CC for NGS (would def welcome that, but JP had to pay for these things over the past few months, so I don't see why they should be "free" for global). But at the VERY least I'd hope that the first AC for NGS global had all the NGS ready outfits/ eyelashes/ eyebrows/ EYES/ make up/ hair/ body paint/ accessories/ emotes released in this game so far if we're truly going to have the same AC as JP for now on.

If the only options for NGS Face/ Body/ Hair/ Make up we (Global players) have throughout the first month of this game is only what's in the Benchmark plus the preview video when there's stuff like this already in the game then ... that will be very disheartening.

Hope someone in charge of Global thought about this, cause some of us really want to stick to NGS outfits/ faces and as it stands JP has far more of a leg up in that regard.

They might release them in between scratches since there wouldn't be a new one made for every week.


That's kinda the point, I think that would be a very bad move. NGS is advertised largely by its new graphics, amazing CC and "NOW with FINGERS animated!" so IF by the end of June (Defaults on release, release AC, the SG the next week and the AC the week after that) there's only 8 non-Cast outfits of someone's preferred body type that can take advantage of these features then ... that's a big oof.

It's basically cutting the first month's impression of your game at the knees just so that you can maybe drip feed some stuff that's already been in the game for months now later on. Would be better imo to start strong and have the release AC be actually appealing to people, packing it full of all these things released in JP already so that we can have a decent selection of things to wear.

I mean, looking at the stuff we have ... there's only 1 NGS non-Cast set that I would want my Human female alt to maybe wear and by the end of the month that goes up to a whopping "2 things" which is really lame when the CC is the most hyped thing for me.

IDK what July holds, but that's not a great impression for the June selection.

Yeah, I was really hoping they'd at least MENTION it by now or something. My personal fear is they'll just get pushed into the ones we're getting leading to the bogged down versions of Scratches we did get this time (and yet... still missing so many things as I'm sure this is also part of why colors got cut down -_-).

I'm guessing they can't properly be put up though as we never got the graphics update, but having all of them drop at launch too (though, I'd take it), will be kind of overwhelming.


My fear is that they're holding on to them for when they do collab stuff for JP that they can't bring over here. >_>

I'm ... very disappointed with this first month if that vid is all we're getting. Even the "starter pack" is a strange choice. Like ... yeah, it's got a cute idle and goofy glide animation and the people who LOVE being Rappy get an any-color-you-want NGS quality suit but like ... why is this the "thing"? Why not have at least some Renewal stuff be the "starter pack"? Why is the "founder's pack" in Aug?

The global players are used to some fatty ACs, so I hope they at least pack some more into these than what we've seen. My only hope is the Twitter post saying "Get a sneak peek at Scratch Ticket cosmetics"

@reivaxe55 the items theyve shown are only the hot ticket items that will have a set minimum price in player shops (stated in the information about personal shops post) and will appear in a gold box when the scratch is pulled.

@reivaxe55 i'd much prefer they DIDN'T try to start bloating scratches again. Even if it means we have to wait to get the oracle renew stuff, i'd rather wait than have to "get used to" bloated scratches again. The only good excuse for it in the base game was how far behind global was. We had to catch up, and they likely rationalized that releasing multiple scratches at once would just mean people spend less on each individual one. Since we're starting at the same time as JP with NGS, I hope we don't wind up dealing with bloated scratches again.

Yeah, I don't really want Bloated Scratches again. The only thing I'd really want them to add is a way to tell what parts of an outfit are recolorable.

I have mixed feelings on the set minimum prices, but I suppose it depends what those prices are... I say this as someone who sucks at earning money ingame though.

I'm just hoping maybe we'll see them at the same time with a longer date they'll be around.

@Zeara I hope that's an indication of a sizable AC scratch then. In the JP ACs it seems that they normally get something like 3-4 outfits just like in the preview. I do hope those are just the "gold prizes" because they're brand new, and we get some renewed fits in there. We'll have to wait until later to see how much stuff isn't in that preview.

@Patchouli-Chan I hear you, but I'm of 2 minds on that. I agree that if we're gonna be evens - stevens with JP for now on (we won't, fully, be that way. I'm sure they will do collab things that are JP only because of rights) it would be good to not get USED to bloated ACs. Fresh start, people will learn to get use to smaller scratches and such.

But the thing is, the reason we got ACs crammed with items before was because we were so far behind and when it comes to NGS we are VERY far behind. They have tons of things that are NGS ready and if we have to wait on them to get it again that may take a full year.

That's why I wish they would cram them into a release AC or a starter pack, so that we could get it out of the way, catch up and be on the same level going forward. Besides, if you're gonna make a huge, bloated AC then ... the start of the game is a great time. No one has currency, no one knows how to "best make cash" yet and there's a huge lack of NGS items. I could easily see many people being willing to drop $30-50 on a bloated AC scratch on release because there's just such few options otherwise.

I don't see the good at letting the Global population suffer having far fewer NGS options for months just to train people to accept smaller scratches right now.

The promo video shows like 35 unique (not including colour variant) cosmetic items from the two AC scratches featured. I'm seriously doubting those are complete prize lists. With Sakura Splendor as the only surviving frame of reference, AC scratches in OG PSO2 usually had around 90-100 unique cosmetic items.

I also don't want bloated combination scratches, they already plagued Global's SG scratch in OG PSO2. We shouldn't get more interference than JP. Because that's what it would be - interference. If you want one specific item, it's better to have a 0.6666% chance of getting it from a prize pool of 176 items than a 0.2222% chance of getting it from a congested prize pool of 528 items.

The latter is a straight-up downgrade that'll discourage AC buyers from scratching because the rates are so bad. Which in turn would make everything more expensive on player shops due to reduced supply. Consequently more players will be forced to stick with whatever limited default sets are available.

@Miraglyth This is gonna be a strange tangent but as someone who tries to be very careful with money/ addictions, the best advice I'd have for anyone to have a healthy relationship with the system when it comes to AC scratches or RNG loot boxes in general is to never buy into them in hopes of getting 1 particular thing. That's what the safety net tickets are for, to get that 1 thing 100% guaranteed if you sink too much money into looking for it. If you only want 1 thing, and you think/ see that a lot of people may want other things you're not interested in, then be willing to sell off anything that isn't that 1 thing so that you can buy that thing from someone else if you don't get it. If you like and want a FAIR NUMBER of things from the list, then you're far more likely to get at least something you want if you cast a decent net and sell the rejects to buy other things you want.

IDK the psychology behind how your arvg person plays these scratches but at the end of the day, though 0.6 is more likely than 0.2 ... they're both less than 1% and those aren't odds you can count on regardless. I assume most scratch with the understanding that they can sell stuff off, so as long as the scratch has a good selection of things people want that's more important than having a higher chance of getting a single thing you personally want. That's part of what makes a good scratch, that it has a lot of things people want, so every attempt is likely to get you currency to buy the things you want.

Given how NGS bodies/ Faces work even a super bloated scratch will be full of things people want on release seeing as you need NGS make-up/ eyes/ eyelashes/ eyebrows/ body paint/ outfits/ baseware/ inner and outer wear if you want options for your NGS head/ body. I'm actually really interested in the game economy side of this, seeing as if the AC was super bloated on release then ... I could def see many people just using anything they get for their body type from the AC instead of selling because stacking your wardrobe and options will be far more important than hoping people make decent money to buy things at a good price from you. Likewise, I'd use any female renewal outfit ticket even if I don't like it because "it's better than having only 2 outfits".

Anyway, I'm not even purposing for this to be "the norm" but just for the release window to get people up to date at the time when things are the most hyped and Global would have the fewest options for NGS faces/ bodies. Looking at a random renewal collection AC, I counted 25 unique things that could only be used on NGS faces/ bodies (as in, not including hair or emotes/ accessories/ recolors). And seeing as there are at least 5 of those collections, I assume there's at least close to 100 unique NGS face/ body things in this game right now, and I don't see the benefit of making the world outside of JP wait a year for "Castino Eyes /B" to come back or for people who want to embrace NGS CC to have a hugely lacking amount of options until months down the line.

@reivaxe55 said in So ... what's going on with the Oracle Renew Collection for Global players?:

@Miraglyth This is gonna be a strange tangent but as someone who tries to be very careful with money/ addictions, the best advice I'd have for anyone to have a healthy relationship with the system when it comes to AC scratches or RNG loot boxes in general is to never buy into them in hopes of getting 1 particular thing.

And that's great for anyone who just blindly pays real money for scratches just to get random goodies but for the most part some items are just more desirable. You're right though, this is a tangent. I don't think you have much hope of convincing all the whales to change their mindset to whatever you feel is more healthy.

More importantly, even if you somehow convinced everyone to stop scratching if the rates weren't good enough, and successfully argued for Soldier Line and Oracle Renew 1 to be smashed together as this topic seeks which would make the rates not be good enough... you've basically knowingly fostered nobody spending money on PSO2! Not only does that mean that outfit variety you wanted won't happen in the first place (because nobody's generating the items), but PSO2 as a service stops making income and shuts down.

So maybe ugly bloaty combinations of AC scratch tickets would be a bad thing even then. And maybe Global doesn't want to be doing that.

What I go for are typically scratch count bonus emotes.

Correct me if i'm on the wrong track here, but bloated scratches also hurt f2p players, don't they? Fewer people are "coincidentally" getting the super desireable items, so there's less competition. people can slap them on the market for exaggerated prices, and because there's not as many people obtaining it, there's not as many people SELLING it. Fewer people selling it means the few people that do can jack up the price. So you screw over f2p players as the items they really want are being sold for ridiculous prices.

@Miraglyth What now? I'm not trying to convince any "whales" to change their habits at all, I was directing that at mostly you because I simply read your example and thought it was silly and fairly terrible. I very much doubt people are rubbing their hands, going "Oooohh boy, I have a 0.6% chance! That's good, I don't know what I'd do if this 1 item had a 0.3% or 0.2% chance! Lets gooooo roll em diiiiice!". Like, the percents are a nice transparency and all, but I don't think that number dictates if someone bothers buying an AC or not. If that does, then that's some faulty logic ... like, you wouldn't make a strategy to fish for crits in a RPG if you knew your crit chance was less than 1%.

Actual "Whales" in this case are whales because of either addiction or having lots of money to throw around, or both. If someone's gonna drop $500 or 1-2K a month on a game, they're doing that for an underline reason.

As for your last part ... ya lost me. Are you referring to PSO2 the game we're playing RN? Because that game is dead by all means, I do not expect them to release new content or new ACs for it when they have to focus on NGS for now on. IDK what to tell ya if your hopes were on them putting NGS Renewal ACs in base PSO2 instead of NGS to keep it "alive".

If you're talking about NGS then PSO2 global has had STACKED AC scratches for a long time now, and I'm sure Sega is happy with how they did.

@Weirdo That's pretty much my point. It's smart to have a game plan when approaching RNG loot boxes. Me? I started playing this game a few months ago to prep for NGS, so I used ACs as a means to get currency to buy hair/ accessories/ emotes I wanted. Anything I got that seems useful I normally kept, but selling stuff I have no use for was the plan so that I could buy the things I wanted. If an AC didn't have lots of things I felt would be popular or didn't show up as pricey on the AH I passed on them.

@Patchouli-Chan I think the whole concept of SG scratches/ free daily SG scratches and mission passes are the ways Sega looks out for F2P players. If we're talking about AC Scratches, then the more things you have in there that people want, the more likely people are to roll on them. Large ACs are more likely to get people to scratch (and more often) than a small one, I'd think. Like, let's assume that preview vid is all we get ... why would someone bother rolling on it if they look at the first AC and think "I only like 1 female outfit and don't care for any of the few accessories/ 2 hairs or emotes"? And even if someone does scratch, if there are few options than that means they're more likely to get everything they could want in a few rolls which hurts the profits they could get from paying users. Someone willing to drop $30 on it may find themselves with everything they want in the first $10 if the pool is too small

The downside to big ACs would the rate at which the devs can make things. That's why hitting a certain balance is good, don't want to put TOO MUCH into an AC cause that means you have fewer things to put in the next AC and you have to make more stuff faster. Put too lil and you give people too much of a chance to burn through the AC and get everything they could want without spending much.

That's kinda the point to this line of thought, the only thing that would make a large AC not a smart move here isn't applicable seeing as they've released a ton of NGS ready stuff over the past 3 months in JP so they have a more-than-comfy backlog. It's also the prefect time seeing as SG isn't coming til the 16th and everyone would be brand new with only 2 NGS outfit options, so anything you find half way fun in a scratch is likely to get used.