Pso2 NGS count down 30 SG missing

Just as the title of the topic says, i didnt resived no 30 SG for the login. From yesterday and today are missing : / Platform: Steam

Due to the fact that there will be a very long maintenance period for the launch of NGS, they have postponed the date of the SG campaign for the time being.

Screenshot 2021-06-03 at 12-49-43 PSO2 NGS is launching on June 9th .png

This is courios, because yesterday at ∼21:45 - ∼21:50 CEST I've had a Campaign at the Visiphone which distributed the 30SG ... Today up to now: nothing

yesterday as today too, no SG for me.

Putting it on record, I haven't gotten any yesterday or today either.