Premium block space isnt working

as the title says when a block is full i cant join when there shows premium space on the block .... i feel to need to flex on people who cant join full blocks pls fix this issue 🙂

A lot of people have premium right now and just having premium does not guarantee a space on a premium block. They still fill up like regular blocks.

its cool you dont understand. when the bar doesnt even show if its full or not for prem block space its broken

Premium Block space has a much, much higher size limit than regular space. It could take 10 people to fill 1 pixel.

I'm having the same problem and my guess is that the "Premium Space" bar in Block Description is not working. I haven't seen this premium space bar filled with a slightest amount even if the regular population bar of the block is full.


Maybe the premium space is working as expected and accepting premium users when possible. But if they show an empty premium space bar when the premium is actually full, this might look to our eyes that they are rejecting premium users even if there is premium space available.

This issue is pretty annoying, I hope for a quick fix.