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Absolute noob day 1 here. Just starting out and the game is mind boggling any tips for beginners?

This is a good series of videos to get you started. Apart from that take it slow, have fun, and try to find an alliance or group that willing to help new players

@DdotSpeed8812 Welcome to the game! Being overwhelmed at the start is completely normal and I agree with Ten Square about taking it slow/not trying to learn everything at once.

The biggest pitfalls to avoid early on are feeding your "Mag" the wrong stuff and investing in the wrong skills on your "Skill Tree" as these can be costly to fix later.

  • Your Mag will be a small companion that floats over your shoulder and you'll unlock it fairly early in the game. These little guys can serve a few functions, but the one to mindful of from Day 1 is that they'll grant you flat stat buffs based on what you feed them. Unfortunately, decreasing a stat later is a tedious/costly process so it's best to follow a mag feeding guide from the start. Generally, people advise investing purely in 1 damage scaling stat depending on the class you play (e.g. 200 levels in only Melee damage if your class mainly uses melee weapons). To learn how to do this efficiently I'd suggest looking at this thread as well as this thread.

  • You'll earn Skill Points for your class as you level up and you'll spend those points on your Skill Tree to unlock new abilitiies and increase stats for your class. There's an NPC on the ship that will let you do this in the main lobby area (up the steps on the first floor near Echo who is a story NPC you'll talk to for some quests early on). Unfortunately, once you invest your Skill Points there's no easy/free way to make changes so it's recommended to do some research on this beforehand as well. The general piece of advice is to avoid investing in pure stats (e.g., Melee Up, HP Up, PP Up, etc.) until you've maxed out everything else you want. You'll find discussions of skill trees in each of the class sub-forums on this site and there are a number of lengthy PDFs online that do a deep dive on each class, including descriptions of and links to popular skill trees. There's also this Google Doc from the folks over on the PSO2 Fleet Discord that compiles a lot of recommended builds so I'd definitely check that out once you find a class whose playstyle you enjoy.

As for the rest, there's a helpful NPC in the main lobby area of the Ship immediately to your left when you're about to walk out of the ship and start a mission. She has brief tutorials you can read on core mechanics of the game and I believe more become available as you level up/unlock new content. I also remember that a lot of the early "ARKS Missions" (from the "Sub Mission" menu option) taught gameplay mechanics like how to trigger a "PSE Burst" so those might be worth playing through as well.

There are also a ton of useful YouTube guides such as the ones Ten Square linked to by Anamana (who also wrote some intro guides on this site). In addition, I'd recommend checking out some of the videos/playlists by Krono Katastrophy, Keroppi, Blac To Basics, this video by Cammy, this one by Azelyra, and there are many more content creators.

And of course, feel free to ask us questions either in the thread you linked to or in new threads here/in the guides sub-forum. 🙂 Good luck out there guardian!!

The one thing I always recommend to new players is to find an active alliance.

As you have aptly put it the amount of systems, difficulties and quest types this game has accumulated over the years can indeed make things mind boggling. So having access to experienced players to explain things and quest with will improve your experience considerably.

If you are in need of class guides I recommend Blac To Basics. You can find his youtube channel here.

I will also second Rang-Dipkin's advice to avoid messing up your mag and skill trees. It's possible to fix your mag without paying (but not during early game), but skill trees cannot be fixed without a reset pass or buying a new skill tree. It's hard to say how often Sega will be issuing Skill Tree Reset passes with NGS on the horizon.

One rule of thumb regarding skill trees is that flat stat bonuses are always bad!

The amount of bonus stats they provide is so small taking literally anything else will be a better choice. Here's an example of what I mean:

Hunters have a skill called "melee power up 1". Spending 10 skill points on that skill gives you a paltry 50 MPWR. The starter 15* weapon (easily attainable by doing collection books) gives you 1861 MPWR without being enhanced.

Hopefully that explains why I say spending SP on flat stat bonuses is a bad idea. If for some reason you have nothing else to spend your points on besides flat stat bonuses take PP. That's the only stat offered on skill trees that will actually make a difference at level cap.