Region: NA

Player ID: Nine0

Alliance: Apex (Name likely to be changed within the next few weeks)

Ship: 02 - Ur

Timezone: EU and US

Looking for: Laid back, casual people.

Alliance Information: We are a new Alliance, I have been playing PSO2 very actively from around mid-2014 until 2018 and got back into the game a few months ago with a couple of friends. Getting along with each other is more important then having a ton of members, so this alliance will likely never grow too big. As of right now we'll be sticking to text chat, but if enough people join (and want it) we'll make a Discord, allowing for easier communication :). We are mainly interested in helping out players new to PSO2 and enjoying the game. Whether you are new to the game or a veteran; you are welcome.
Whether you want to run UQs or sit around and talk about Phashion, Scratch Tickets and the cosplays your characters wear; I'd love to have you aboard! 🙂

Important Note: Since we have only just been founded we only have 2 members, with some more people who'll be playing PSO for the first time when NGS launches, joining us soon; so if you don't mind joining a new and upcoming alliance hit me up. Feedback is also highly appreciated.