Bring AMD's new feature FidelityFX Super Resolution to PSO2 and NGS

I would like to make this known to the community and to the team at PSO2 global and SEGA too if they see this. Just a few days ago AMD revealed the feature of FidelityFX Super Resolution and from what they've shown it's an amazing option to have. To see what was shown see here: In simplicity they're saying that this feature can help improve performance especially with gpus that are not only by AMD but by Nvidia to. Nvidia's 10 series gpus and up to current will be supported. This being said AMD has also given the opportunity to us gamers to suggest games to AMD so that they can perhaps work with the devs to bring this feature to the game. I would ask the community to really look into this if they wish to have the game to potentially have even better performance. The suggestion survey is at this link here: If we can get this known to a lot of people and through to the team at SEGA this can really bring PSO2 NGS to the next level and gamers to have a better time. Suggest to AMD, tell your friends, let SEGA know.