the new gem scratch is depressing

I was hoping to see the hairs from the 1st gem scratch mainly xion long hair(so I could apply to all chars) but dam almost nothing I want or don't already have is in there sadly also a good part of it is from a gem scratch thats still going on lol

sad face

It's not really a new scratch. Like all the other "Rewind" scratch tickets, it's a collection of old items combined into one scratch.

Rewind: SG Collection does have new items (see the Lord outfit, layered Lark Barbatos, new music discs and so on), but it is mostly a selection of the four SG scratches we had previously.

I don't know, I've been liking it myself. Considering that NGS won't run on my old system and I'm shoulder deep in renovations to buy new hardware, I just used up my current SG in this scratch. I think the most disappointing thing I got was one of the Gemini hair clips. Not bad considering I picked up about 30 of these.

I'm thinking of scratching it but I want to wait till I get on NGS with a new body/face and see if I like any of the SG items there enough to pull or if I wanna bide my time and just do free pulls. There's still 3 hairs on this scratch that i'd like to get if at all possible.

I'm planning to hold off on scratching on SG Collection, even though I grinded SG like crazy for prizes it contains during their initial outing. I'm just not convinced there won't be some kind of replica of JP's gorgeous 30% discount campaign, potentially after Versus Annihilation ends, and that would represent a crazy SG saving I'd miss out on if I did so now.

In other news the new SG NGS scratch looks amazing.

I mostly just care about finishing my shiva set. And its looking like it'll be rough to do so unless we get that discount. I'm still missing so many items, including the weapon and hair...


I definitely whaled out on versus so I could have all of her stuff. Can't wait to bring Shiva to NGS ❤