Replacment for mobile game tie-ins in NGS

So, my previous post was about things to do about the old pso2 itself, but we still can't forget about feature parity with JP in ngs. I'm mainly talking about 4 things here that we are missing compared to JP:

2FA Storage, es Storage, login SG from es, and SG exchange from Idola.

I'm not saying that these should be just given away without doing anything, since all of these take at least some effort on JP, but integrating them into some reoccuring event would be nice if you as you truly say, are striving for parity between JP and EN in NGS.

All of these combined I believe give 68-71 SG a month and 150 storage spots.

Discontinuation of these bonuses from mobile games and integrating them both in same way in-game for both JP and EN is of course also and option, but I don't know how will JP Idola and es community respond to that.

I don't think discontinuing PSO2es is a good idea since that is one of the reliable methods players outside of Japan can buy AC. Sure technically you are not supposed to play JP if you are not in Japan, but Sega knows it has overseas players in JP and that some of those players are also paying customers and that they risk losing said customers if they take away their ability to make purchases.

@Archetype-Luna That's not what I meant. I was mostly referring to bonus rewards in pso2 exclusive to playing these games. I know that many people log-in to pso2es once a month or something just to keep the es storage. I wasn't against the tie-ins in general, but there is no equivalent for these on global, so global is permanently 150 storage slots and 70 SG a month behind JP.

70 SG a month isn't a lot but it isn't nothing either. Over a year that's over 800 SG.

@Kamil118 said in Replacment for mobile game tie-ins in NGS:

All of these combined I believe give 68-71 SG a month and 150 storage spots.

@Kamil118 said in Replacment for mobile game tie-ins in NGS:

Over a year that's over 800 SG.

It's more than that, isn't it?

If I remember PSO2es is 1 SG per day. IDOLA is up to 100 SG per week, though with capped income you can only sustain 85 SG per week. Also the first 50 each week is cheaper. HarmlessSyan explained it and gave costs last July, which may have changed since. But if they haven't it works out to 57-92 per week depending on how far you go beyond 50 on IDOLA.

So that's more like 248-400 SG per month, and 2974-4800 SG per year. Or to put it another way, that's anything from Material Storage to Material Storage, Extended Storage 1 and 960 SG. Certainly not nothing.

Yes, Global needs balancing for these.

It's likely that the 2FA storage and PSO2es storage, being shared, will be shared with NGS the same way Default and Premium Storage are planned to be, and if so this means Global's legacy problem of simply not getting access to as much storage as JP will continue.

Similarly while it's nice that we're ditching Fresh Finds and won't need to pay SG for content that JP players could buy with AC or meseta, we also lost Mission Pass which gave Global users on Premium 200 SG per month (well, per 28 days. More like ~217 per month) that JP didn't get. The likely parity of NGS Mission Pass in three months' time means that balancing mechanism with PSO2es and IDOLA SG income is lost.

And the cumulative effect of these small differences shouldn't be understated. Storage requirements and SG costs in both versions are going to be balanced against JP availability and income. If Global doesn't get the same provisions, it'll be proportionally harder for us to manage our items or pay for things that cost SG.