Mission Pass Cosmetics Suggestion/Question

@Vipes You won't be able to have your parts on two characters at the same time unless you have two of them. Remember that CASTs are nothing more than a head. The bodies, arms and legs are parts that they use to make a body, so in this sense, CAST parts are the same as costumes/outfits for the fleshy races. They aren't ticket items like accessories that need to be used.

I'm sure you know you can go to the salon or your fashion menu to put the parts on, but once they are on, they're on that character until you take them off.

I hope I'm understanding your right, but it seems that's what you're asking about; using those cast parts on both of your characters. Hope this helps.

@Vipes I’ll grab some pics and the names then post it

@Vipes said in Mission Pass Cosmetics Suggestion/Question:


I am there, but I don't see the CAST parts.

Sry for the cell picks but Xbox would take the pic with the ui on, also idk why the got flipped I took the pics with the phone straight up not sideways so sry again

1034182D-DAEC-4213-AA49-879160FDFFBF.jpeg 52196392-3D44-4EE4-9E55-B537C16D7D48.jpeg B510A239-95FF-4DA4-9C0B-83AA9462812B.jpeg FCA9CB78-2FB1-4831-B0AA-8B02EBD466F4.jpeg FAF4E831-CF0C-4B1A-A552-219556118621.jpeg E66EF476-EDA8-46FE-A4A4-4FC0BEE271D8.jpeg B45FE073-0FE9-4A2D-824C-DA366F0C5D26.jpeg 1E496532-9269-4B92-9FA1-EFAEEAE7FA94.jpeg AE3C53BB-1C97-4A75-B1A6-8955D4808C58.jpeg


I understand, but that's not at all what I'm saying. Hate to sound rude, but you're way off.


Ah, found that my problem was I was going to the wrong shop. I was assuming I had to go to the badge shop. The correct shop is right next to the FUN points shop.

@Vipes Yeah sorry, after I typed that I was still confused and went back to the start and saw I was pretty off the mark. No worries, but I'm glad you got the help you actually DID need lol

@Vipes yeah sorry I said swap shop but I forget there is a option in the shopping menu called it as well but not everything is listed there I also forgot to post the pic of where I was at like a dummy, meh at lest you found it