Features needed before PSO2 goes on maintenance mode

So, we are a week away from the OG pso2 going dead with updates, and we still don't have many features announced that will keep the game fully operating during these dire times.

So, when collecting these suggestions my vision of pso2 was to make the game where you can obtain almost everything in reasonable timeframe without need to gather large group of players, as well as relative content/feature parity with JP server.

So, let's start with AP cap - for a long time (around half a year?) JP had a drastically increased weekly AP cap to I believe 15k? 50k?. With our current 4500 cap it takes absolue forever to max out a tree if you don't have a large and active alliance. (For the notion, I have a small alliance of ~5 people that wasn't able to max out a sibgle tree branch for almost a year)

Easy buster medals - JP version of Cradle of Darkness drops Buster Medals instead of UWB, which basically gives them free 100 SG every week with basically no effort. I suggest a 1:1 exchange of unique weapon badges to buster medals to handle that issue.

Last important parity issue is lack of Weapon Badge 2021 exchange with Rinser weapons, Rivalate units, and what's most important loads of unique event weapon camos. i suggest adding rinser weapons and rivalate units to UWB store and camos to a new tab in RWB5 exchange, since UWB are significantly easier to acquire thanks to craddle, while most content nowadays doesn't offer rwb5 anymore.

Next - mission badges and thus mana reverie/aether factor capsules being unobtainable basically means that making 8s god units is impossible even with both grand and mark capsules, meaning nobody who isn't an old time player can absolutely never get top tier gear no matter how much they try. Here I suggest putting them as daily or weekly quest reward. I think a pace of 5-10 badges per day is a reasonable amount. I think a single weekky rainbow key for more transfer passes also would be useful for people to catch up with transfer passes/leveling.

Hatred TPD and Final Lament triggers in shop - HTPD is hard enough to find a good party for with the schedule. Finding people after schedule is gone, with everyone sitting in NGS will be even harder. Meanwhile Final Lament drops a lot of core SSAs and modules.

While it's not JP forum I would also suggest making triggers there as easily and consistently obtainable as they are on global. Feature parity goes both-ways and I don't think anyone there would complain about all our RWB triggers being dumped onto weapon badge 2021 or SP shop.

@Kamil118 said in Features needed before PSO2 goes on maintenance mode:

Weapon Badge 2021 exchange with loads of unique event weapon camos.

I cross checked the Camos for Global and of the 113 WB2021 Camos:

39 of them would be New to Global.

another 39 would be revivals from previous campaigns, bingos, enemy drop, & ARKS Hour codes.

& 35 of them are currently locked in Global's Mission Passes.

or you know, they don't actually really want people to keep playing PSO2 and prefer for them to move to NGS.

Even on JP, still don't have trigger shop like global - UQ/EQ schedule dependent which is going away.


I know that they don't have triggers as easily obtainable as they are here, but I believe they should have.

I just want pso2 to be something of a "Hey, I'm bored of ngs, I want to pso2 now" instead of "I want to play ngs, but need to camp pso2 because I need to catch these unscheduled UQ to get my SG titles/gear to farm out my SG titles"

Good OP, these are all features Global needs to get caught up.

As part of this I'd also like to see JP getting not just an equivalent trigger exchange but also the Summoner sweets exchange for badges, as many of the sweets were limited to seasonal UQs on JP that probably won't be reappearing anymore.

Basically just iron out the disparities between the two servers and give each nice things that only the other has.

There’s still a bunch of lobby npcs we didn’t get to get rewards from, so it’d be nice to see them in rotation after maintenance mode. :3

I'm sad we won't ever get all the event partner cards.

Yeah... as a collector it sucks not being able to complete a collection. 😞

I'd at least want like, the exchange to get Rinser weapons for weapons badges, the weapon camos that were unique to the 2021 badge exchange, and some form of access to a Twisted with Hatred trigger.

Rinsers for weapons badges give anybody casually dabbling in PSO2-Classic access to 2nd-best-in-slot gear without the extra fuss of gathering up the materials for one of Zig's many exchanges. Getting a Fluxio weapon from Violent Tremor is almost as good, but I feel like it requires a skillset somebody might not be interested in developing just to break into PSO2-Classic.

With the Urgent Quest schedule a thing of the past, and Twisted with Hatred sharing the exact same Urgent Quest notification as Face of the Abyss, relying on random urgent quests just to run the hardest content in the game is just not something anybody wants to have to rely on. And content like this absolutely needed an option to approach it on your own group's terms and schedule, I had a group of friends that couldn't make most of the scheduled Twisteds due to scheduling conflicts, but we could have done it at some other times if we were able to run it on our own terms.

also I liked the Lynd-series weapons and I just want that camo again finally

I guess I have been well ignored