Should I have played the first PSO2 before New Genesis?

Just curious if there is any benefit? I had played it a little bit when it launched last year but was a bit overwhelmed with 9 years of content and systems. So I figured I would wait for NGS. I thought I read you can transfer your character or something? I could be wrong of course. Thanks

NGS uses the same character as PSO2classic, and any cosmetics and emotes you collected in PSO2classic can be used in NGS as well. Gear can also transfer over, but its stats are modified when doing so, and from what has been seen, can mostly serve as stop-gap gear while you collect the resources to upgrade your native NGS gear.


Any gear that can be transferred over between the two games is basically just a small head start, it's not going to give you a superior advantage over anyone else. We also don't know if the two stories are going to be connected in any way either, given Sega's using the PS tradition of a thousand year time skip between games to start NGS.

So you'll be fine just hopping into NGS, and either skipping PSO2, or going back and playing it on the side.

Cool sounds good :D. Can't wait to play I really enjoyed the beta.

Playing PSO2 before NGS is definitely not required.

If you were actively playing PSO2 for the last few months or longer you could have netted yourself a good number of cosmetics, but that's really about it. No currency, class levels or anything progression related can be transferred from PSO2 to NGS. Some gear transfers, but as someone else already mentioned it'll be nice for leveling, but that's about it.

Even story-wise you won't be missing out on much as the two games are set 1000 years apart.