Where to get Powerstone Graeae?


I've very recently started playing again after a long hiatus, and have been grinding divide quests for my klaus weapon mats, but then I realized, how do I get a powerstone graeae for the final material?

Mission pass is closed, so I can't get it there. The only other thing I can find is to complete 50 primordial darkness Urgent Quests.. that seems a bit.. excessive? I don't even have 10 done yet.

Am I just screwed?

Nope, just do 50 Urgent Quests! You can buy the trigger from the Rising Badge shop for 8 rank 5 badges, and just clearing it on Hard will count.

You can also get 2 more from doing solo Sodam (Depth 50 and 100), and then they also drop from the Hatred Urgent Quest, but you'll need a Klauz before you do that anyway.

Oh nice, I didn't realize I could buy the triggers. Thanks!

How do I do 'solo Sodam'? Sorry, I've not very familiar with the names.


There's another depth quest like Masq where you fight the sodam portion of the primordial darkness urgent quest. I think it's called something something time interspace.

It'll be in your sub quest section I think under the tab of ultimate quests.

Awesome, thanks for the info.!