How to fulfill CBT rewards

Hi everyone, I know CBT ended moons ago but there are still parts of the CBT fulfillment that I don't really get. May I get some help?

  1. How do I link my Steam account with my Xbox Live account?
  2. Where do I complete my survey for CBT? I couldn't find it in-game or in the CBT website.

Thanks for the help! 🙂

If Steam is the platform that you initially started playing PSO2 on, then you need to download the MS Store (or XBox) version, then:

  1. Run PSO2 on Steam, go to the the Support Menu, and get the Account Link Code (this code expires after 15 minutes).
  2. Close PSO2 on Steam.
  3. Making sure you are logged in to the MS Store and XBox App with the correct Microsoft Account, run PSO2 on the MS Store (or XBox) , and enter the Account Link Code on the pop-up that asks for it.

If you start playing the MS Store (or XBox) version of PSO2 without linking to your Steam account (ie. you proceeded pat the Account Link pop-up without putting in the code), then you are out of luck and can no longer link those two specific accounts since it will have created a new PSO2 account permanently associated with your MS account.

Here is the survey:

Hi AndrlCh,

Thanks a bunch for the clear instructions and the link - you're a lifesaver! It was a long and strenuous process (after installing it on the MS Store, too) but it's done 🙂 I guess they'll use our original PSO2 accounts for Genesis. Can't wait for it to be released.

Thanks again 🙂

Be careful with account linking, you need to do it in the right direction. Though I think setting up an account to be a link to another account is impossible after you start making a character on it.

There's an official guide to the link process here.