The /toge and /moya spam is getting out of hand!

There are a number of irritating players that keep spamming /toge and /moya messaged every 2 seconds for their CoD triggers, they are worse than the scam bots with this. I'm getting to the point to reporting and blocklisting these idiots, but something needs to be done about soon, as more annoying players keep doing this.

gonna be the one to say the awkward thing but they are not doing anything against the ToS the best I can suggest is to blacklist them and move on since people are just trying to recruit others to run Cradle with and I don't really blame them for wanting to do so.

I have already started blocklisting these idiots, its bad enough I have to blocklist the autochat cut-in spammers, I guess that list is going to grow and it will be more difficult to fill parties for actual content since I'm on ship 4 and by default it has a low population, now its getting lower as people are just sitting around waiting for NGS.