PSO2 is so boring when we getting NGS?

seriously i havent logged in since the beta outside of once and I died inside from how boring PSO2 is in comparison.

give us NGS pls

When it's ready™

Actual date is unknown because Sega hasn't told us yet for some reason.

Rumors are pointing to June 9th though.

Well since they said in Spring and in June, that leaves June 9th as the only date without changing their release schedule.

And you especially have a big server update scheduled for that day

all or most campaigns end June 9th which gives good indication that NGS will land on that day since there is so much ending then with no prospect of new stuff being added so I expect June 2nd is the date announcement and the start of the final campaign on the Road to NGS which on the 9th will end and give us the full version of NGS to play.


While I would love NGS as soon as possible. I think the best strat for the company is to wait to announce release date at E3.

In case someone is not yet aware the release date for NGS has been announced for June 9th via PSO2 twitter: