Players set to private cannot be removed from friends list.

So my friends list has got very full from over a year of playing, and I went to my friends list to clear some space from people that doesn’t play anymore and stumbled upon this issue. Knowing that this is a shared feature between PSO2 and NGS means this could be a major problem in the future.

I had also used the auto friend request system after a mission, and players have sent me friends requests from using my partner card as well, so I’m stuck with a lot of people on my list that I don’t know or play with.

Knowing that the next maintenance may be PSO2’s last maintenance, I hope this issue get resolved.

@Pariah-Chan try changing your friend list settings

@TURION-MOONSTAR where would I do that ingame?

@Pariah-Chan it should be under options in the main menu and I have to admit that I don't know if you're using the Xbox one or PC version of pso2

@TURION-MOONSTAR I’m on the Xbox version, and all my settings on the Xbox are very laxed, so I believe the problem is on PSO2’s part.

I’ve been hearing reports from other players that players that are banned still take up a slot even after disappearing from the list. Someone had been blacklisting a ton of bots, just to find out that they had no more room to block them after the list shortened.

Knowing that this is the last day before NGS, I’d love to hear if anyone has experienced this same issue.

Has any of you not been able to remove an individual from your friends list? 😮

@Pariah-Chan I haven't had any trouble with reducing the number of people in my in game friend list and if you're also on the feoh(ship 1) I'll help you level up if you haven't already maxed out and if you're not in an alliance you're welcome to join mine, it's called DEATHRIDERS

Appreciate the alliance offer @TURION-MOONSTAR ! But I’m just posting here to solve the issue or to find out if this is an issue on Sega’s part. 🙂

@Pariah-Chan I have to admit that I'm not sure of just what the problem is but it may be just a glitch so try again tomorrow to remove the unwanted names from your friend list

@Pariah-Chan if you happen to own any of sega's older games from before paper manuals were done away with simply find and call the toll free number in the manual and describe the problem as best you can, the only other advice I can offer is to file a bug 🐛 report