About accessing story quests

Okay , sorry for not asking something that isn't related to the game mechanics or random event mechanics in expeditions or something like that. I'm new to the game and i am enjoying the experience up until now , although i am asking myself this question too much : "Am i able to access event quests (for the story cutscenes) in expeditions because that would be more immersive , or do i have to watch them through the quest log?" I really am curious if i can while in an expedition , for example , after killing a mob of enemies go into a part of the map and find a person that is in the cutscene and interact with them to trigger it. Is that possible , or am i just stupid and don't know to operate quests? Thanks in advance!

@4-s-t-r0-n-Aut Unfortunately, AFAIK, you can only trigger story quest cutscenes through the quest menu.

However, I do remember a few times where, once I made certain progress in a story quest, a cutscene would automatically trigger while I was walking around the ARKS ship (e.g. the first time I went to the Shopping Plaza after clearing X quest I'd see some unique character dialogue).

@Rang-Dipkin Okay , thanks for the answer man , at least now i know that i'm not some sutpid bud who doesn't know how to play the story mode properly