Can't find stuff bought with AC.

I bought the premium pack today and I cant find it anywhere, I looked in my inventory and it's not there and I dont where else to look. It shows in my purchase history I bought it. But I cant find it anywhere.

@IxFade2BlackxI It looks like stuff is not showing up in the tab it's supposed to be in. From what I have read, your Furniture tab might be where it is.

I looked in all my tabs and nothing shows up

Did you also check in all of your Storage? If you did and still can't find it, then I would recommend submitting a support ticket.

Temporary Storage is also a possibility. Normally real-money purchased items are supposed to go into Campaign Items > Purchased in the visiphone.

I found it, it was In my actual storage, thanks for the help! What a dumb place to put things >.>

@IxFade2BlackxI Well the AC Shop does have the two options of "Purchase to Inventory" and "Buy and Store". If you did do "Purchase to Inventory," it's possible that it is just a bug that treated it as a "Buy and Store" purchase instead.

@coldreactive That's only for bundles purchased through the Microsoft Store (like the Founders or Ragol Editions); anything purchased with AC in-game should go to Inventory or Storage (depending on which option you selected in the AC Shop).

The stuff I bought with AC always went to storage for some reason. Check them all.