#PSO2NGSgiveaway post spreadsheet

So, I made a spreadsheet that contains links to all #PSO2NGSgiveaway posts and tweets.


Make sure to like all Facebook posts and retweet all tweets, and send it to all your friends, since at our current pace we won't even be getting the matoi sticker for 10k, let alone all the SG from going to 20k

Sometimes I feel they're aiming too high with social media campaigns. I think hosting in-game campaigns would be miles better for everyone. It gets people playing (even if it's just the bare minimum) for neat little rewards.

Yeah they really should have been doing the events that people gather points in game, to keep people playing PSO2 before the NGS release. By not doing things like this they could inadvertently lose new players that might start the game now, and have no one to play with, because there's not much to do for people who already did everything numerous times. At least it would change things up a bit. Like the Space Magatsu LQ had an event like that in JP where people got prizes from getting enough points by doing the quest enough.

Whereas we just got the LQ and it just worked like all our other LQs where it just boosted exp and stuff like that for other quests. Which people just end up doing the quests to either reach the amount of runs they need for the campaigns, or enough to fill the bar, then never play the quest again.

Personally I'm never signing up for Twitter just for these events. If a Twitch streamer I follow can't talk me into joining thag hate filled cesspool, no amount of in game rewards will get me to do it either.

From what I see these events are the same as the JP events that have reached their goals already so I guess this is a consequence of obtaining parity with the JP version.

@Kamil118 Thank you for posting this. Like some other people, I usually hate these kind of SNS campaigns but I don't want to miss the Matoi stamp so it looks like I have to join this campaign. Your spreadsheet was very helpful!

@YagyuChan The campaigns are basically the same, but the presentations are a bit different. JP has a dedicated news post for this campaign which they update the count every day, even on weekends. Probably they have the update automated.


More importantly, this post has links to all the eligible tweets for this campaign, so its easy for interested people to join this campaign.

Other minor differences include JP needs more retweet counts (15,000 for Matoi stamp, 25,000 for full SG reward) or JP doesn't have Facebook part, but I think these are rather minor points.

Thanks for the topic. I thought I'd liked all of those tweets but it turns out I had missed one so that's helped out my participation as well.

Bump. We don't have many days left to achieve the goals. Also as a reminder, they've added a couple of new posts with this hashtag since the OP was posted.

Honestly, the global communication team should spam this hashtag, otherwise we might not be able to achieve even the stamp goal.

@Fiona-Respha The spreadsheet is up to date, updated it early today

We are at 9600 actions, so sticker will be easy to get, but 20k for sg is a pipe dream.

Too bad they didn't put the hashtag on the date announcement, since that got 4k retweets...

@Kamil118 Thank you for the update, it's good to hear at least we can meet the stamp goal 😃

I felt dirty liking an afterthought announcement about SG Collection, but I'll keep doing my part for this campaign in spite of that.

I wish we could get away from social media rewards. I would prefer something we could all work towards together in the actual game, like killing X amount of enemies, completing X amount of quests or a certain type of quest. I don't mean individually like what we currently have either, I mean collectively. It could have kept game modes like Buster Quests and Ridroid quests alive if they had done something like this.

@HermitST Buster quests maybe, not Ridroid quests. Personally I dont mind the controls, but many outright hate them. Good idea overall though. Social media was a mistake, and shouldn't be used for events. I miss the days all events took place in MMO type games, not like how they are now, seperated with some in game, and some on places like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I mean, I get the reasoning behind it. The more interaction a post gets, the farther it spreads, increasing the chance new players might discover the game. But it's not the best marketing tactic because your gambling on the success of a social media post.