Mission Pass Not Updating [Solved]

I'm attempting to finish my last Mission Pass before it's gone. But every time I finish a Tier Mission, the last seven points won't add and the last tier of the Over Run won't unlock. I've completed five of this week's ten so far and I don't believe any of them have added to it. Am I missing something or is this a bug?

The active period for the final PSO2classic Mission Pass is over as of this week's maintenance, and as such, you cannot unlock any more Tiers with Tier Missions, though you can still collect any unclaimed unlocked prizes from it.

Ah, I see where it says that now. I was confused with the "Order Period Ends : 03:59, Jun 9, 2021." Thank you.

@AndrlCh if the mission pass is done for good then what's the point of keeping the tier missions do able?

@TURION-MOONSTAR Basically, they are keeping them around just for their minor EXP and Meseta rewards. There will be a new Mission Pass starting in Autumn, but it will be exclusive to NGS.