The Elph Rappy Drop rates for limited time camos is unaaceptable

To cut to the chase: I hunted a Sorcerer Morus from Elph Rappys for a month at every chance I had and got nowhere. There are none in the shops, I have seen none equipped on anyone. For all intents and purposes that weapon camo does not exist.

If Sega is going to advertise rewards from limited time enemies then those rewards need to actually appear in the game.

The fact of the matter is that this kind of stringency on advertised content is going to alienate and frustrate people. Im not a whale but i do spend money on this game. If this is how things are going to continue to be then I will no longer support this game financially.

I dont have enough time anymore to waste on chasing things that I have no hope of actually obtaining. If something is supposed to be ultra rare then perhaps just dont advertise it. If something is advertised then It should be reasonably available.

I'd going to tack on that According to Eleph Rappies will never appear again in base PSO2 after NGS releases. So much for hunting them in the future*.

(*As we don't know the seasonal Rappies of NGS.)

I'm also going to post the Announcement the OP is referring to/that Sega advertised rewards:

It also didn't help that the camos could only drop from lvl 91+ Elephrappies and Fire Swirl, the only UQ where they spawned left halfway through, leaving Risk Exploration the only content with appropriate mobs/lvl to farm.