Benchmark insert disc 1 on install?

So I downloaded Benchmark opened the Zip File there 3 items 2 files 1 application I start the app it brings up NGS Benchmark installer I go through basic information stuff and reach the point to select which drive its installs too soon as I do I get pop up telling me i need to insert disc 1 to countinue the installation I click ok think just randomly asking silly question but no it wants a disc 1 or it wont install benchmark iv tried looking up too see if others are having this problem or if there is a readme on how to install benchmark but nothing so lil lost.

Extract the archive and then run the exe file. You cannot run the exe file directly within the archive without extracting the full archive first to a place like your desktop

that is good to know thank you cause I still be trying to figure this out I searched the site I downloaded from but it didnt have a how too