Suggestion for Pso2 NGS north america on playstation 4

I go an ideal I will like to suggestion so please hear me out what I going to said alright as an north america pos2 player who do play this game for an good few years I will loved to see an north america playstation version of pso2 NGS and using unreal engine for the playstation 4 after all this game is an free to play is be best playstation 4 owner in north america can finally play this game without have to getting an computer to have the right system to play the game or buying and xbox one to order to play the game and this just be straight up honest what I am said because it so painful for the peoples who is owner of the playstation 4 cannot play pso2 NGS and also do cross play so everyone can play no matter what game system they playing on they can play the game together but this just an suggestion But never know this will end up happen down the road only thing I can do is keep faith an hope and prayer this will become an realize the other people around the world end up playing but any who thank you for your time and I see you later bye

forget it, microsoft paid to bring pso2 to global, if you're lucky it might be available on ps4 after a year.