Pso2: NGS for playStation 4

I going to be total honest about what I going to said next because I been notice japan get the playstation 4 version on this game it beyond unfair for the rest of us have to play on xbox console or window 10 with the right system to order to play the game what pso2 need to do is bring pso2 or pso2 ngs on playstation 4 since is an free for play game after all because if they do that if will bring more peoples who is owner of playstation 4 to get an taste of pso2 or pso2 ngs I going to prayed and hope they will end up doing this down the road alright got to jet later bye

Microsoft paid for this game to move outside of Japan. The PSO franchise will only be on Xbox and PC outside of Japan. As far as we know that isn't changing.