For the Heroes and Heroines, we're missing a LOT of colors, especially ones that Global never got in the first place. I'm aware that adding all those missing colors would easily make this the biggest Scratch pool ever, but I never got my Grace/Purple items! (Especially the Raqasa Shamir, one of several items I'm personally interested in.) We're also missing some early NPC outfits, like Katori and Echo's EP2 outfit. (I ESPECIALLY want to point out that, AFAIK, the swimsuits of Matoi, Hitsugi, and Harriet hadn't been released yet in global so our only options are the base colors.)

As for the CASTs... I actually appreciate pulling all of the items into a box/set, but there's no mechanism to preview boxed sets! Anybody interested in knowing what they look like has to manually google the items.

In addition, I still don't know of any way to preview the effects of a multi-type weapon camo on anything other than the first weapon on the list. Come on guys, get this fixed already.