PSO2 has gone from "Fun" to "Frustrating". (Lack of Modules and other drops rant.)

TL;DR: Module farming sucks. Please A: Increase drop rates, B: Reduce number of modules required per unit, 😄 Make them buyable from Divide rewards shop, 😧 All of the above or a mix. NGS is right around the corner, give us a hand up please?

So, other than getting the other two Klauz units I'm missing, I'm noticing a lack of endgame content for PSO2 other than UQs with low drop rates for rare items. Considering that the updates have been forced-marched through the past year and I think a lot of people have serious content burn-out. There's been little time for people to just take a break and enjoy something else for a while. While I would like some of those rarer weapons for camo and direct weapon camos, I'm getting rather annoyed at trying to collect the klauz units or the modules for them, or the weapons at the prize exchange shop. 3 modules per week is rather limiting with NGS right around the corner. However, the bigger problem is that, trying to farm the badges in divide quests is downright painful. Not only do you HAVE to defeat the target enemy (Which is usually rather difficult, especially for solo players as trying to find a group is only getting harder.) but you only have a CHANCE at getting a single module. This drop rate simply needs to be higher. This is incredibly time-consuming for the number of modules needed. If it was 10-20 per module per item, this would be easier to handle. But, we're talking 25 to 50 of each module, per item. Shiva's module requirements are actually well-balanced in this regard. Or, failing that, being able to buy modules directly from the Divide shop would be nice. Oh, and don't hand me that excuse of "You can just buy it on the player shop for Meseta!" In the quantities needed for Klauz units, you're looking at literal millions of meseta per module type, the worst is easily Mitra which is going for 6 million each when I checked earlier today.

Also, having some more cosmetics we could buy from said shops would be incredibly nice. How about some of those discontinued AC or SG scratch tickets?

Here I am being frustrated to all hell by the fact we can no longer get mission badges so going forward getting the capsules and other such items is now an impossibility unless you can already afford them.

So much should have been thrown into either the Divide/UWB/Excube shop and nothing was. So going forward a lot is actually becoming impossible to obtain, not just a grind.

@Drayco84 said in PSO2 has gone from "Fun" to "Frustrating". (Lack of Modules and other drops rant.):

This is incredibly time-consuming for the number of modules needed.

Agreed, and this specifically has been the subject of a General Discussion post (and a couple weeks prior as part of another discussion before it) for a while now.

Mitra modules have floated above 6 million a couple times in the last week on Ship 3 as well. I mentioned just a few days ago that the combined module price on the market (and that's the 100 cheapest on the market, not just 100 of the cheapest price when there tends to only be 1-3 listed at that price) was 750 million but that was with Mitra modules averaging 3.5 million. When they're over 6 the price of the Klauz unit modules easily surpasses a billion.

This isn't just about the grind being long - to me that made total sense when Divide Quests were added, particularly on JP when they had a designed life of around a year before the arrival of quests like Space-Time Interstice or Twisted with Hatred - and more importantly several months before the start of the Zig exchange (that surely based its module cost on the several months of Divides that players had to accumulate modules on JP). It's also about the fact that due to it no longer being the vogue content, it's now longer than it was designed to be.

I wouldn't mind it nearly as much if you could consistently get one module per encounter (Or at least via hitting S Rank) and more if you actually defeat the boss, like 2-5 or something. Especially since the "end game" right now is the Twisted With Hatred UQ and the Final Battle: Space-Time Interstice Ult. And BTW, those should be having some decent drop rates on cosmetics considering how difficult they are to complete/slog through. I'm with somebody else on here that remarked that a lot of the weapon camos, even the rappy-based ones, are too rare. I actually let a Rappy ticket expire because the drop rate of the Sorcerer Morus was so low that it was laughable. (And that was even according to the Quest Log, don't think we haven't seen those things going for over a billion Meseta.)

Really, they should just turn on the camo/cosmetic loot fountain and let us party in that before NGS hits. For some of us, including those that waited for EIGHT. FREAKING. YEARS. for the global version, only to get rushed through the entirety of the game's content in a year and likely missed things due to the rapid and breakneck pace Sega marched us along, it would be a nice change of pace.

Seriously, I spent over $100 USD on the Atolm parts alone during that AC. Sega has made their money back in spades, and during an economy-breaking global pandemic no less. It'd just be a nice "Thanks for joining us!" wrap-up for PSO2.

EDIT: I also hope that PSO2 NGS will have a better "end game" between updates, IE reasons to keep playing the game other than just grinding for better gear. A good solution to this would be some free cosmetics or weapon camos, especially since the mission pass has been discontinued. I doubt most would be adverse to a kind of token or badge that's used to purchase in-game only camos/cosmetics via a shop that the hardcore fans could grind for, then the price for those drops once the new update is released and everybody moves onto the new thing.

If Sega is feeling incredibly bold or willing to buck the trend, let us grind out for AC/SG for an actual cosmetic SHOP. (Not Scratch/Lootboxes. We all know what these are and they're getting more and more political attention due to their exploitative nature.) Obviously, paying Real Money will always be the faster/more plentiful option, but hey, you're more likely to sell those when people are ALMOST THERE to being able to get what they want.

If they must insist on a gambling option, make it half the price of directly buying a single item and make them re-sellable, and also allow non-premium players to use the in-game shop, but possibly limited in terms of item space. They could deal a major blow to the RMT market as a plus since those that want to/will buy in-game currency will have legit in-game options. (And I'd always recommend those over sketchy, 3rd party, card-stealing sites. Also, **** those RMT guys.)