Where to get S augments?

So I feel I did due diligence with searching the forum about where to actually get S augments/affixes but really only found a wall of text in a few posts. Where do I get them? How do you search for them in the player shop? What do I search for exactly?

Thanks and sorry if this is a heavily repeated question.

S-Grade Augments come from:

  • Special Augment Factors (SAFs; these become available when a Weapon is enhanced to +35) from specific weapons; you can typically just search directly for the Weapons that have the SAFs you want in the Player Shops, and many others come from Exchange Shops.
  • Pre-affixed Weapons dropped in specific Quests; you need to search for the specific Augment in this case using the Augment Search option in the Player Shop interface.
  • Capsules that can drop from specific Quests; if they are sellable you need to search specifically for the Capsule.

Here is a chart that details where specific ones can come from: https://pso2na.arks-visiphone.com/wiki/S-Grade_Augments#List_of_S-Grade_Augments