Anybody know how to fix this?

I completed the survey but have not received the 40 SG. I was worried this was going to happen because I didn't have a Gamertag linked to my MS account and when I tried to link one it created a rondom GT with 0 gamerscore. I play on XBox. Does anyone know how to link my real Gamertag so I can get survey rewards going forward (I know MS screwed me this time!).

If you play on Xbox, you could have just used that account to do the survey

I tried, it wouldn't let me because there was no Gamertag linked. MS had changed something and broke my login for this site. I followed MS support instructions to fix it and ended up with this mess. I had done the previous survey and gotten the rewards. If you check this profile I've only been here for a month but I've been posting for most of the past year and changed profile name to match the one I had been using. Edit: To clarify, I'm using the MS account that I log in to my XBox an the GT that has my PSO2 account (and all my other games). Somehow that GT was not linked to the MS account and clicking to link GT created a random GT to link.

Guess I'll contact MS support and see if they can help, was just hoping somebody on here had an idea.