Mission Pass tier

EX 250% Triboosts are more than good compensation since it allows people a boost for 6 hours (if I remember rightly) and this kind of boost is hidden behind a lot of scratches to gain it as a frequency bonus for example from the JP server that is 55 scratches worth of Oracle Renew Collection 5 in order to gain said item which equals around 11,000 AC spent and every 10,000 is around $100 so that means an item worth $110x2 which is $220 and that is for 200 AC which is a really good deal imo.

The reason I think EX Triboost +250% as useless is because most likely it won't work with NGS, seeing how proudly they put N-XP +10% boosts in the premium packs. If it worked with NGS even in some nerfed way (like 100% RDR, 100% N-Meseta and 20% XP boost), I'd gladly welcome it.

Given two pieces of EXTB250 means they suggest to play quests of original PSO2 for 12 hours. If I had that time, I'd rather spend my time in salon (including the character generator/benchmark).

Of course, this is purely my personal opinion, I think most people have different views.