Hello All, I have been wanting to start my own alliance for a long time now and that time has come. I've been playing the JP servers for 8 years and PSU before the servers closed. I will admit i don't know everything but with the guidance of you and other like you I believe we can become one of the best Alliance in PSO2.

I need your help. I have tons of creative ideas on how I would like to build the foundation of it but I need everyones help to put it together. My thought for a foundation would be something similar to the Anime "Bleach" 13 Gotei. selecting up to so many officers and a team under them. The perk is that the office are allow to create the atmosphere within their team of course as long as they follow some of the simple guidelines of the association. This gives variety to the type of players so anyone can join. There would be certain squads who are serious about the game, there will be those who like to go at their own pace and there are even those who like to either just play casino and farm/harvest materials and sell them on the players shops etc. If you are interested in helping create an alliance from the ground up with me please message me at GT: Syrus White and give me your player ID so I can add you. Please make sure to have changed your Player ID in the character select screen.

Thank you and I hope to work with some of you soon!