Going into NGS: Are you prepping gear for NGS?

So as the title states, I'm sure most players would rather start fresh since our weapons/units basically become weaker going into NGS (strictly NGS), so I come to ask:

Going into NGS: Are you prepping gear for the game?

If so, what is your reasoning? If not, then why not?

I personally am bringing over my gear to NGS, since it'll be good filler to hold me over until I acquire enough materials to make my new stuff better in terms of augments, enhancement, etc. Going into NGS, I already feel this is a good decision to bring over my old stuff to the new game purely based off of how demanding things were in the Beta test. I wasn't able to get 3* weapon drop for either of my classes, so this would hold me over until I get them as drops or until there is content that otherwise outshines my carried-over equipment. Got to remember that enhancement, potential, etc carries over as well, which is a nice little bonus to once you're finally able to equip something like that. I do kind of hope our battle power doesn't drop as we equip this old stuff though, would really suck. 😅

Enough about me though, how about you guys?

Personally, I am only really going to bring over my Units. Since I want to take full advantage of the Multi-weapon system, there is no real point to bring over weapons.

@AndrlCh said in Going into NGS: Are you prepping gear for NGS?:

Personally, I am only really going to bring over my Units. Since I want to take full advantage of the Multi-weapon system, there is no real point to bring over weapons.

I definitely love the multi-weapon system, I plan to make good use of that once I get the gear I'll be aiming for on release. I had a blast doing Ranger/Fighter during beta, so I'm very excited to play more of those two during service launch. In regards to older weapon carryover, I'm just bringing my weapons over since I've taken care of what I need in PSO2, and all my augments on my weapon convert to some good stuff when in NGS.

Going into NGS: Are you prepping gear for the game?

I'm not prepping gear for NGS. I actually don't have any plans to use gear from PSO2 in NGS at all at this time - I want to experience the new game and it's natural progression. Not only that, but preparing gear for NGS has a pretty decent shot of... giving me less to do on release. Even if there are release weapons that beat out PSO2's, having a pretty good weapon already prepped doesn't exactly do any favors for my motivation to grind.

Admittedly, there are also some parts of gear transfer that I take some issue with. It seems that, according to this reddit post (and presuming augment transfer doesn't change drastically between CBT and release), a "standard god unit" from PSO2 is going to be extremely strong in NGS, which is somewhat concerning. Though, from what I've heard, they have already nerfed affix transfer pretty hard (at least for HP), so hopefully it won't be so bad as that post suggests.

I already have a hoard of junk. Will be fun going through it all for fodder and determining what I want to keep.

The only thing I did "specifically" for NGS was to finish upgrading the Novel Talis I made for Hero into Rivalate. Which rounds out my set of endgame weapons so I have at least one decent melee, ranged and tech weapon to take with me into NGS.

As long as you have at least Klauz or Riv gear you're good for NGS, regardless of what affixes you have on everything. Based on what kinds of affix caps I saw during the global NGS beta, I am guessing that any affixes transferred from PSO2 will quickly become outclassed in NGS. Additionally weapon/unit slot count in NGS is based on enhancement level, so I would at least recommend enhancing whatever you want to use to max at the very least. That way you'll save yourself some Meseta and Grinders while you level.

No, I am not prepping gear. I'll use whatever I have, if anything.

I just returned active to the game a bit more than month ago, after taking a hiatus starting from before Episode 4 released after beginning the game at PC launch.

I went over this list, to get an idea if its even worthwhile: https://pso2na.arks-visiphone.com/wiki/Portal:New_Genesis/Augment_Conversion

That list gave me insight to think: While its a nice bonus for a grinder to have, its nothing to go wild for unless it suits the player style currently. Stick with the easiest to obtain augment route if wanting some transfer gear for NGS. The absolute best augments will be for those most likely coming back to PSO2 to continue their end game progress and groups.

Being this close of transitioning onto NGS, its just not worth it from my perspective. Those who have "God Augments" on their weapons and units, is because they continued to play much time into the PSO2 game. Anyone who does not have ultimate 8-slot expensive augments now, and do not plan to seriously continue to play PSO2 end game factors post-NGS, should be satisfied with a setup most cost efficient to them. The legacy gear will become obsolete and short-lived if only thinking for NGS, and choosing the route to play with NGS only gear will certainly be fine.

I spent most of my meseta on weapon camo collecting, and some outfits till NGS types appear more of my desire. For me, the skins will last longer than optimized transferred legacy gear will.

I'm not prepping optimized gear, but I am prepping to have a weapon for the class I intend to play for each rarity(and in turn, level requirement). I will likely be doing some combination to get the most out of force. Te/Fo For Shifta/Deband. Fo/Hu For survivability/down damage with sword. or Ra/Fo For a weak bullet build that I want to experiment with. But ultimately I want to play force, So I have a set of rods prepared and some units. I will likely just drag my Etoile's Wand along if I use Techer to see if Te wand attacks provide more damage than Normal/Tech spam on down enemies. (Wish I could have experimented more in the beta.) I'm aware that the NGS gear will likely be leagues better, so it's ideally just a step in place to ensure I spend less time looking for decent gear and less resources making sure my leveling gear performs. I can experience what the game has to offer at a steady pace while I experiment before really committing to what I decide to go with. Then, once I'm settled, I can find that perfect NGS wep and unit set and begin the grind with some resources already in place to do so. Not worried about affixes. Just having a Transferrable 1, 2 ,3 and 4 star Wep enhanced to at least +30. And some units to ensure i'm not getting one shot by big lasers I may or may not fail to dodge.

For the sake of completeness, also consider what sega posted early in the year: https://pso2.com/news/announcements/pso2ngsadditionalinfop2

Regardless of the augment translation, starting NGS with 4* +40 weapon and units is still pretty significant. Not being able to edit them in any way (so no multi-weapon) is notable, but of minor significance. It means the pressure is off to do the mad dash to level cap while pouring every waking moment into the grind...

While I'm looking for ways to convert my PSO2 inventory into things that can jump to NGS, I'm focusing mostly on outfits and maybe emotes. Affixing in PSO2 has always been much too annoying--after getting the klaus set, I got an S1 through 5 and doom break 3 on the rifle, as well as an S on each unit, then I mostly lost interest.

Nah. I never bothered affixing units in base because screw that noise. And I only managed partial affixing for 1 of my characters weapons while the other 2 did get affixed. Sadly one of those is still darkweave instead of klauz because I lacked the materials. I'll be using what my characters already use because we likely won't see rarity 4 weapons super soon in NGS. But I am also tempted to just create a 4th character specifically for NGS so I can see what the gear grind will be like if you start from scratch.

Nope. Would rather start NGS fresh.

@Knight-Raime on the grind, that really is the big question--how much can we infer from the beta since it was a stress test (and they dumped a load of AC & SG on us to prime the player shops as well.)

If we reject the possibility that beta drop rates were boosted, and that "new player orientation" will be brief, then getting a 3* and getting it to at least +10 shouldn't be more than 48 hours worth of playtime at most, provided some participation in UQs. On a related note, I did mention in my beta survey that by Sunday, I was hard-pressed to find any materials of any kind anywhere. I'm hoping that was intentional and only for the beta.

I will say that the NGS augmenting system is (imo) much-improved, so there's something to look forward to...

As much as I'd like to get some nice starting gear, I'd probably start empty since in NA I didn't play much (just level 37).

I'd probably will need to spend more time affixing the 4* drops from the real deal later.


Yes the lack of gathering materials was a big worry for me as well. Though from what i've heard that was a fairly common complaint. So hopefully something is done about it for launch.