1.Revamp Main Missions

Oftentimes newer players are confused as to what constitutes 'progression'. They don't know what weapons to work towards, what units to have, what affixing is. There's so many things out there that are confusing if people don't look at the resources they may not be aware of. I feel that the game itself should be able to provide some sort of internal guide/aid to help meet those needs while also not overcompensating on its handling.

One way I believe this can be improved upon is by setting bits of endgame content as goals to unlock useful things. examples:

  • Add Main Mission challenges that point to existing titles that reward rocks/keys (like +35 Val for Chronos Eternistone, defeat Dark Falz Persona 10 times for Founder's Amphirite)
  • Unlock a Scion class - Rewarded with Rivalate key
  • Reach lv85 in two classes - Rewarded with 150 all-stat 13* units (possibly Schvelle if wanting to avoid powercreep, could also be Atlas)
  • Clear 'Mother Omnipotent' Trigger (Solo) on UH - Rewarded with Aether Factor capsule
  • Defeat 'The Profound Darkness' on Ultra Hard (Solo) - Rewarded with Astral Soul capsule
  • Defeat Dark Falz Persona on Ultra Hard (4 man) - Rewarded with Mana Reverie Capsule
  • Complete Mission: Violent Tremor - Rewarded with a Fluxio Gunblade
  • Clear Divides Floor 26-30 - Rewarded with 1x Lumenfragment Grania
  • Clear Divides Floor 31-35 - Rewarded with 4x Lumenfragment Grania
  • Clear Final Battle: Space Time Interstice Depth 1 - Rewarded with 200 all-stat 13* units
  • Clear Final Battle: Space Time Interstice Depth 30 - Rewarded with Powerstone Greae
  • Clear Twisted with Hatred – Not sure what to set as a reward here, maybe a camo
  • Clear Elite Training 1-4 (solo ones) - Rewarded with Chronos Eternistone/Founder's Amphirite/Rivalate Key/Powerstone Graea respectively
  • Reach lv75 in X Class - Rewarded with 1x All Skill Reset Pass (one per class) - Or just eliminate need of skill reset pass altogether
  • Mission that points towards completion of Augmentalist client order from Zig (and note to leave Nyoibo in inventory)

Generally, help lead players through what things they should be attempting at the late-game phase of the game, and make rivalate keys/chronos eternistone's more abundant to get, and help them not feel like making a mistake on their skill trees will just inevitably doom their class.

2.Make UH content, that is not cradle, rewarding to play.

  • Add Factor Catalyst and Aether Soul to drop tables for Mother, Deus and Yamato
  • Make Reverie Catalyst/Omega Memoria a more common drop (or add to drop list for) for Dark Falz Persona, Apprentice [Epyk], Luther [both], Elder and Crimson/Black Dragon
  • Make Soul Catalyst drop for the above listed Falz bosses
  • Add a slight chance of Glare Catalyst to drop from Ultimate Ship
  • Sprinkle in some 13* camo's to each of these UQ's/triggers to further boost interest
  • Apply these drop changes to Limited Quest's and their triggers, too
  • Boost EXP and RDR rates in Risk: Expeditions, add grind capsules to the drop tables, and possibly add rare camo’s as a universal drop per-enemy with low rates. Also badges, ultimate boosters, and other things to allow a more casual approach to progression. Perhaps a slight reduction in boss health as well.

3.Remove/rework bad Recommended 4 quests from daily rotations

These quests give little to no experience, provide no meaningful drops, and are uninteresting in the way they are handled. I say remove because it's likely the easier option, but revamping them, increasing the rate of boss spawns and increasing boosted enemy rate is another fair option.

As they are now, it just feels like a bad day to level whenever they are in rotation.

4.Provide meaningful permanent EXP bonuses to Recommended 4 quests, Limited Quests and Bonus Keys

These are all used as leveling locales for players not able to reach Ultra Hard difficulty, yet. Improving the rate at which players can get into the lv85 range would be great.

One reason I feel this is because a large number of classes just feel 'off' until you hit the lv85 point, and leveling from 75 -> 85 just feels like a huge slog with the drastically increased EXP requirements and a complete lack of proper scaling to match.

Even in the current state of Twisted Shadows, going from 75-85 takes many hours of play (with boosts all along the way) of the same monotonous stuff. The lack of meaningful rewards does not help this process, either. Especially when it comes to the mindset of setting new players off to handle stronger content (where my proposition of 150 all stat gear at 2xlv85 comes in).

5.Weekly (or monthly) rotation of LQ with updated rewards

Many LQ's both current and old, were very fun to play and well-designed. The downsides of them is that their drops were absolutely forgettable outside of the weapon SGA's or 1/lol drop rates of camos. At the moment in ship 1, there is around 10 different listings of Space Magatsu trigger, and it is the only 'reliable' thing to run for a chance at finding certain camos.

The fact that these LQ's scale by MPA size makes them all the more worthwhile to have rotating (or perhaps all visible at all times, even). All that really needs fixed here is the loot. Maybe add things like ultimate boosters, buster medals, and various 13/14/15* weapons and miscellaneous camos would make them feel better to run even casually.

6.Optional huge QoL boosts for post NGS crafting

Crafting is one of the most tedious, time/money consuming tasks in the game (which is saying a lot). When NGS comes, should the PSO2 playerbase begin to dwindle (which will definitely happen during at least the first month), any player hoping to run a tech-based class will sort of be left in the dirt in terms of progression and scaling. Good tech crafts are huge, but so is the money and time bill it takes to reach them, and with players that have those crafts unlocked being too occupied to bother checking in on PSO2 to see if any requests have been sent their way, it'd be a massive hit to anyone taking an interest in those classes that rely on them.

My suggestion here is to unlock every craft for every player. Leave the achievements and the bonuses received by getting them unlocked, but just make them available to be crafted without the investment. ~15 fragments aren't all that hard to obtain in an endgame state and it will still require at least some sort of player-side investment to not just feel like a hand-me-down. However, unlocking at least the last two crafting slots on the top row would be a kind additional adjustment, too.

7.Enable purchase/acquisition of every Trigger

Triggers should be the driving force of a post-ngs life. With the removal of scheduled Urgent Quests and the drastic loot disparity from one quest to another, there are many urgents that will not be reliable accessed by people, whether because of life events restricting them, or they just don't have PSO2 open at the time.

The move to Chaos UQ's hurts that, and the unavailability of certain LQ's and seasonal quests is also another factor to consider. How will one be able to eventually clear Hatred TPD if they never know when in the 24h period it may pop? How do you manage to organize a group of four people to run into it at that random time frame? Unless someone is in a hyper organized alliance that has means of keeping tabs on going-ons in pso2 at all times, with enough active players around the clock, that's just not happening.

Even just placing a daily/weekly limiter on the triggers or applying it to a weekly challenge to obtain would be enough to hopefully prevent a crashing of the market, while still providing the means of practice and running them.

8.Endgame shop

Suggested by someone else's feedback, a shop dealing with Rising Weapon Badge 6 that handles the purchase and acquisition of all things end-game. It could include things like:

  • Hatred TPD triggers
  • Affix capsules from mission badge shop (or mission badges themselves)
  • 100% or higher Triboosts
  • 100% or higher exp boosts (or add these to photon sphere shop)
  • Lumenfragment Grania
  • Divide Badges

Many other options to shove into there too. With how much RWB5's have been floating around, this would give more incentive for existing veterans, even, to run content with newer players.

-Special personal suggestion-

There is giant list on the PSO2 forum with requests for OT weapons that exist in JP to come to Global in either camo format or some other transmutable method. I humbly request that you please bring those weapons/camo's to Global. At the very least, the iterations that currently exist within' the game's files. There are so many amazing designs that have been left untouched, that many people like myself have been waiting and hoping for to arrive. Please give it some thought. The link is listed below: